Efficacy Of Articaine: A New Amide Local Anesthetic

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In the Journal Article Review titled “Efficacy of Articaine: A New Amide Local Anesthetic,” authors Malamed, Gagnon, and LeBlanc (2009) seek to determine if the safety and efficacy of articaine compares to that of lidocaine for local anesthetic purposes. According to the authors, “Articaine has many of the physiochemical properties of the most commonly used local anesthetics (lidocaine, mepivacaine, and prilocaine) with the exception of the aromatic ring (and it) effectively penetrates tissue and is highly diffusible (p. 636).” The authors sought to prove that articaine is as effective or more effective at managing dental pain and performing for long procedures, while maintaining the patients safety. The focus of the study was to find more options for pain control in dentistry. According to the study, Articaine is differentiated from other amides in that it contains a thiophene ring and an additional ester ring; therefore, it is biotransformed in the plasma and the liver and excreted by the kidneys. These factors make the drug a contraindication for patients with impaired liver and kidney function. However, the authors point out that it is these factors that increase plasma protein binding by 95 percent and increase liposolubility making the drug a very effective method of pain control. And like the above-mentioned anesthetics, articaine reversibly inhibits conduction of nerve impulses by blocking sodium and potassium channels during propagation of the nerve action potential.The study concluded that there is no statistical difference between...

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