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Easy Mailbox Migration Between Exchange Servers In In The Different Domains An Organization Can Have Multiple Domains, Multiple Active Directory E...

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An organization can have multiple domains, multiple Active Directory environments, and thus multiple Exchange Servers. This multiple factor helps a lot in segregating the different branches of an organization located in a same building of scattered over the globe. However, the migration of mailboxes between two Exchange Servers of different domains is quite difficult. This is because the native tools involve a lot of critical and hard-core technical steps first to establish a trust between two domains, second to perform the migration, and third to resolve the compatibility issues. All these are considered as the drawbacks of Exchange Server and that too because of the availability of different versions in the market within a short span of time. If you’re facing any such situation in transferring the mailboxes of different/same Exchange version in the different domains, then Lepide Exchange Recovery Manager (LERM) is a boon for you. Follow the below mentioned steps to perform the mailbox migration between Exchange Servers of the different domain.
Connecting to Exchange as a Source
Whenever you start Lepide Exchange Recovery Manager (LERM) for the first time, the following screen will appear.

Figure: Start up Screen
Select the option “Live Exchange” for manually providing the details to connect to the server. Alternatively, you can select another option “Live Exchange using existing MS Outlook profile” if Microsoft Outlook available on your computer is already configured and connected with Exchange Server. In this post, we’re selecting the first option “Live Exchange”. Click “Next” button to show the following wizard.

Figure: Providing the details to add Exchange Server as Source
Here, you’ve to provide the inputs like name of both Exchange Server and mailbox. Select the type of mailbox, with which you want to connect. You can connect to the single or multiple mailboxes for migration. To transfer all the mailboxes at once, select the option “Connect Multiple Mailboxes” and click “Next” button.

Figure: Connecting to the Server
During this process to establish the connection, the software will ask for the Administrators’ username and password with the following screen.

Figure: Wizard asks for Login Credentials
Enter the username in the format “Domain\username” and the password. Click on “OK” button. With the correct credentials, LERM will connect with the selected Exchange Server and use it as a source. You’ll receive the following wizard for connecting with multiple mailboxes.

Figure: Select Mailboxes
Here, you’ve to select the particular or all mailboxes to be migrated. Click on “Next” button to proceed further. This will establish the connection with the selected mailboxes and display the following screen summarizing the same.

Figure: Status of establishing Connection
Click on “Finish” button. This will display the added Exchange Server as a source in the Source List with all the connected mailboxes.

Figure: Source List
Connecting to...

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