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Efforts Made To Improve Football Safety

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To protect themselves, football players wear helmets, pads, mouthpieces, and other safety gear. Nevertheless, concussions, broken bones, and other injuries are frequent occurrences in football today. Major companies and coaches are doing many things to make football a safer sport. They have developed new equipment, installed new rules for the actual game of football, and have new laws and regulations for water breaks, practice time, etc.

As most of us know football is a contact sport, and when you have contact you need the most efficient and up to date safety equipment. To protect the player the pads are becoming lighter and have more range of motion, without sacrificing protection. Football is responsible for more than 250,000 brain injuries in the United States each year, to combat this Riddell, Shutt, and other companies are changing the design and technology in their helmets. Some helmets have been equipment with sensors to monitor the player’s head trauma during games and practice. Even major sports clothing companies, such as, Nike, Under Armour, and Rebok have developed new tighter fitting materials laced with thick memory foam to better their overall protection.

Due to the violence and hard hitting football is known for new rules have been installed to better protect players from unsafe play. Roughing the passer was created after many quarterbacks (QB) Tom Brady, Joe Montana, were getting hurt after they had thrown the ball. The rule keeps defensive players from hitting the QB after he has thrown...

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