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Efforts In Creating Conflict Free World Essay

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To establish a peaceful world is one of the core goals of the society. Researches of many scholars trend to find the root of the conflicts. On the other hand, others offer the solutions how the world can become less disputed. These two researchers, Robert Wright and Joshua Greene, try to find ways in order to create a conflict-free world. I think both of them have strong arguments why conflicts happen; however, since Wright’s arguments are stronger and doable, the solution that he proposes is better than Greene’s.
Although both Wright and Greene’s claims intersect in one point that the root of the conflict is moral diversity, Greene (2013) seems more messianic on this issue. He reveals the depths of this moral diversity on his fertile idea, trolley problem. This psychological analysis asserts that some individuals make decisions with emotional part of their brains; however, others use logical side of brain. More precisely, these people who follow logical stream of their brains represent the utilitarian approaches to conflicts. On the other hand, these emotions which make us decide are no more than gut feeling. This study raised the questions about how much trust our brain deserves. (para.5) From these factors, it becomes clear that Greene perceives these moral values as a core of the conflict. Therefore, he strongly believes the possibility of conflict-free world by using utilitarian approach.
Greene’s diagnosis on this problematic issue sounds more history-bounded; he suggests that each individual’s moral values are heritage of natural selection. In every step of our lives, we encounter these reminds. One of the undeniable consequences of this natural selection is innateness. From the childhood, each individual has innate features in moral terms. Wright completely agrees with the idea that Greene suggests: “Anyone who doubts that basic moral impulses are innate will have Paul Bloom’s book to contend with. He synthesizes research - much of it done by him, and his wife Karen Wynn - demonstrating that an array of morally relevant inclinations show up in infants and toddlers.” (para.13)
Human predicament is concerned by both Wright and Green; both make an effort to do something with it, and both have thoughts how to solve the problem. These two scholars are messianic, and their concerns are emphatic, and their plans of ideas are ambitious. They both agree that intense tribalism makes our world approach evolutionary peril.
It is true that both Wright and Green are utilitarian, but their approaches to the topic are different. On the one side, Green claims that a conversion to utilitarianism is a solution, on the other side, Wright does not imply it the key to salvation. Both of them agree that logical thoughts are better than emotional one. How people make a decision in perturbed situations: logical, which is utilitarian, or emotional?
Wright and Green try to find the role of the sense of justice in this problem. Wright says that the...

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