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The cell membrane controls the movement of substances in and out of the cell. Oxygen and food move inside the cell through the membrane in the process of diffusion. Diffusion occurs when cells move from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration. Osmosis is a type of diffusion; it is a diffusion of water through the cell membrane. Osmosis takes place when water particles move from a more concentrated area to a less concentrated area. For this process to take place there must be a concentration gradient, which consists of two different solutions in each side of the membrane. Hypotonic consists of a less concentrated solution and hypertonic consists of a more concentrated solution. The glucose syrup will be the hypertonic solution, thus the egg will shrink. When the egg is placed in a hypotonic solution the egg will shrink. The egg’s expansion occurs because of the process of diffusion. The egg ...view middle of the document...

There are several means of dissolving molecules. One of the methods is called diffusion, which consists of molecules dissolved in a solution that are in constant movement because they contain kinetic energy. The dissolved molecules spread out in the solution. Diffusion occurs when molecules move from a higher concentrated area to a lower concentration area of water. The rate of diffusion is affected by temperature, size of molecules and the concentration gradient. Diffusion often occurs in gas or liquid state. In the beginning of the process more particles from the higher concentrated area will leave because there are more particles, although the gradient will increase until the concentrations are balanced. Another method of dissolving is named osmosis. It is composed of the movement of water molecules of two different solutions from an area with high concentration to an area with low concentration. Osmosis is a passive transportation because it doesn’t require energy for the movement of the cells, since particles are relocated through the membrane. It occurs when one water particle moves from one cell to another. The cell will only change size if the concentrations are not the same. If the medium has a lower concentration of water than the cell, the medium will lose concentration through osmosis. Water crosses the cell membrane in both directions, but in this case more water leaves the cell, thus the cell will shrink. According to our results the eggs that were placed in the glucose syrup decreased in shape and weight because the egg was filled with water, and throughout the process of osmosis it released water through the membrane. The water left the egg from a high concentration area to a low concentration area, through the process of diffusion. The solution contained sugar, that that made the after leave the cell, causing it to shrink. In the 10% and 20% salt solution the egg increased in mass because the salt helped the water go inside the egg, increasing the mass of the egg. The water egg expanded because the water was forced to go inside the egg through diffusion, from a less concentrated solution to a more concentrated solution.

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