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Egyptian Fashion Essay

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Fashion was a major part of Ancient Egypt. All of the rich wore clothes and jewelry. All of the women wore make - up and clothes. Men did the same. Black was often not worn because it attracted heat. Instead white was worn. They had many accessories like headdresses, headbands, jewelry, and collars. Not everyone wore shoes though. Fashion had a lot of different parts to it. The hot and sunny climate of Ancient Egypt meant that simple lightweight linen clothes were the preferred choice of most Egyptians. Whilst a number of examples of New Kingdom textiles have survived studies of Ancient Egyptian dress and textiles are still largely based upon the study of wall paintings, relief's and sculptures.Clothing was made out of linen by women. Linen was produced from the flax plant. By stripping, beating and combing the flax, long flat strips of fiber were produced. These strips could then be spun into threads and were then twisted into balls and stored as such until required. The threads would then be woven into fabric.Men usually dressed in short linen kilts with a band of cloth worn over the shoulders, and women in long fitted linen dresses. During the New Kingdom, fashion became more complex, with intricate pleats introduced to tunics and dresses. Ordinary Egyptians wore course linen, whilst the richer and wealthier Egyptians dressed in a lighter, much finer cloth. Semi-transparent "royal linen" was the finest of all. Skins, usually leopard skin would sometimes be worn by priests and the pharaoh for important temple and religious rituals. Elaborate clothing and head-dresses were worn by royalty for ceremonial occasions.The basic garments of the average Egyptian changed little throughout Egypt's history. The length of a man's kilt varied slightly, being initially short during the Old Kingdom, although within the upper classes it became fashionable to wear it longer. The kilt gradually lengthened during the Middle Kingdom, when it was often supplemented with a strip of linen draped loosely over the...

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