Ehical And Moral Qualities Ce Os Should Have

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Required Qualities
The responsibilities of the servant leaders go beyond organizational goals and development of subordinates, responsibilities extend into all stakeholders, internal and external, towards the corporate and societal community (Peterson et al., 2012). The qualities reach into ethical and moral values of the CEO as a person and their reflection of the corporate entity (García-Sánchez et al., 2013). The movement between ethical and moral decisions transcend level of consciousness reflective of organizational and personal experiences; CEOs operate at lower levels of consciousness when engaging in decision involving self-fulfillment (Young, 2002). Therefore, one quality is for a CEO involves the development of a much wider and expanding view that moves away from any self-views on the spectrum of consciousness (Young, 2002). This is a difficult position for narcissistic leaders.
Additional qualities previously researched include abilities to trust, listening, team building, sharing of vision and purpose, motivation, and delegating. These qualities become more critical the higher up the corporate ladder an individual progresses. Neglecting anyone of these qualities or attributes will eventually burn necessary bridges through negative perception of subordinates and peers. Trust and sharing vision and purpose combine aspects of interactive resources and structured network that employees rely upon to navigate corporate hurdles together (Frisina & Frisina, 2011; McLeod & Young, 2005). Servant leaders build relationships that encompasses the cooperative relationship of shared vision, shared values, and mutual goals through faithfulness and dependability (Frisina & Frisina, 2011; McLeod & Young, 2005; Rodríguez-Campos, 2007).
Empowering leaders promote employee behaviors that enrich the relevance of work, indorses elective participation in decision making, and fosters autonomy through confidence (Ou et al., 2014). Henceforth, expanding on the known qualities of a servant leader and combining the attributes of a humble leader will strengthen personal values of work relative to the larger organizational purposes; thus, sharing power with others becomes a natural behavioral self-expression (Larson et al., 2012; Ou et al., 2014). Although these qualities reflect attributes of a servant leader, corporations hire CEOs based on the characteristics of the CEO that best match the attributes associated to the performance of the company. This may require an egocentric CEO with a strong reputation for self- focus, self-serving, self-promotion, and self-admiration (Francis et al., 2008; Peterson et al., 2012).
Reflection of Attributes
When interviewed by CBS after the announcement of LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner’s selection as the number 1 CEO given a 100 percent acknowledgement or approval rating from his employees and asked for his secret, Weiner replied: "You really have to ask the employees, but I think it starts with investing heavily in our...

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