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Eight Hours Essay

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I had just learned that I had eight hours to live. How could this be?!! I was so upset. The anger that I had felt, eventually turned to sadness. Just the thought of everything that I was leaving behind was unbearable. I was horribly hurt and afraid.
The remaining eighth hour and complete seventh hour, I spent contacting family members and telling them of my unfortunate news. My immediate family, my husband D, my mom, dad AC, brother Ambi, and my two sisters, Addi and Theve were the first to hear the news. They immediately stopped what they were doing and rushed over to the house. The conversation was sad and difficult for me because I did not want to tell them I was leaving them, but I had ...view middle of the document...

I was so proud of my sister; she always knew exactly what to do to lighten up the mood.
The fourth hour was upon me and I had not had any time alone with my husband yet. I talked to my sisters and mom about needing to spend some time with Donald alone. They had agreed to take care of everything while he and I spend our time together. Thanks to them, I was able to spend the two hours with him that I needed with no interruptions. We talked for a bit, he let me know how much he loves me and how he always will. He promised to take care of the children and that they will always remember me. I started crying again because of everything thing and everyone I was leaving behind. I wanted to raise my children, and see them grow, and fall in and out of love, and live life. That man was the reason why, I wanted to grow old with him as well. I loved my husband and showed him. In that instant, I jumped on him and could not stop kissing him. I started ripping off his clothes, as he did mines. I felt intoxicated and tingly all over. The blood started rushing and our touch sparked. He bathed my body with his tongue and the magic flowed. As our flesh blended, it felt like heaven. It was extremely satisfying and our pleasure blossomed. God, if I can only explain how much I loved this man. Afterwards, we lay in each other’s arms for a few minutes. Donald always had a special way of making me feel safe and stronger in his arms, a sense of security and protection.
My last two hours were spent with the family and children. My cousin, the photographer, took plenty pictures of everyone together. We drank, danced, drank some more, laughed, drank some more, and just enjoyed the time we had together. I stepped out for fresh air and went for one last drive. I let all the windows down and let the breeze blow through my hair. As I was driving, I had an epiphany to write my children...

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