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Eight Literature Reviews Show How The Ratio Of Female To Male Teachers Effects Our Students

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Women have dominated the field of education – in regard to a career – ever since the 1970’s (Riddell, Tett, 2010). The feminization of teaching displays the high status of women within society, which continues to be on the rise. Within this paper, the ratio of female to male teachers will be explored, in regard to all divisions of education, and the impact that it has on their students. These concepts will be further explored through eight different literature reviews.
In a research study conducted by Drudy (2008), she examines how gender imbalance within education affects the role of a teacher. The focus of her research was based the reasons behind why this profession has become feminized. Examining the number of female teachers within different countries tested her hypothesis. By testing this theory, Drudy came to the conclusion that teaching attracts many females throughout the world. Drudy also discovered that there are many reasons why a person decides to become a teacher and by studying and interviewing males, it was found that there are many reasons as to why males do not want to become a teacher. The study conducted tried to determine whether or not the gender of a teacher had an effect on the achievement of the students as well. The Drudy article is very informative and provides accurate research completed on all areas that need to be addressed when examining this topic. The outcome of Drudy’s research is consistent with other studies by Acker (1995), Griffiths (2006) and Statistics Canada (2013) that state the teaching profession is very feminized. The only flaw in this research is that there are no real interviews or personal perspectives included in this study, which would add to the depth of this issue. With that added information, the reader would be able to observe the information on a personal level. Interviews with students to gain their opinions on the gender of the teacher would add to the research conducted as well. The information that is not found within Drudy’s article can be found through the research done by Riddell (2010). The combination of these articles form well rounded arguments on what attracts someone to become a teacher and whether or not the gender of a teacher can affect a students’ achievement.
The next article written by Acker (1995) observes the reasons behind why there are more female teachers and why there is such a gap between the number of female to male teachers within the classroom. The reasoning behind becoming a teacher can be influenced because of the nurturing role, how comfortable they feel speaking in front of students, the power and command a teacher has over the students and if they see it as a real job, where they are also able to work with other colleagues with the same interests. These reasons can be seen as more appealing to a female-based crowd, which is what Acker discusses, and therefore restates that there tends to be an imbalance in gender within the classroom. The...

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