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Eighteen Is Too Dangerous Essay

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Has anyone been harmed from underage drinking that you may know of, whether it’s from over dosing or a severe car accident? The topic of lowering the drinking age to eighteen in the United States is very debatable subject because many people have a difficult time deciding which side to support. Many of the negative issues for the low drinking age would have of an effect on the future, which is why the reform should not be put into action. Reasons include health issues, irresponsibility, and deaths among the youth. Even though there are many pros and cons to lowering the U.S. drinking age to eighteen, it should not be reduced because the effects could be more damaging than what was intended.
Because teens are so rebellious, lowering the age of consuming alcohol legal won’t stop the thrill of drinking, but gives them easier access to alcohol. For instance, there are minors who have friends or siblings over the legal drinking age that are willing to purchase alcohol for them. This result is known as the “trickle down effect.” This effect means that people who are of drinking age will find ways to give minors alcohol, even if it’s just for a few friends or a large party. And when the drinking age is lowered, then those even younger will some how begin to possess alcohol, hence the “trickle down effect.” Additionally, minors will also possess a fake ID to obtain alcohol. The problem with this outcome is the adults not taking a second look. The fake ID may look very real and fits the description of the teen well enough, but if you look very closely to your drivers license there are glistening pictures on it that may identify the reality of the card. Many of these rebellious acts could be stopped if adults would just look around them. I they notice that a minor doesn’t look the right age t oconsume alcohol, them double check and keep pressing questions until they eventually break down. Throwing a party with alcohol for teenagers an taking their keys is not responsible, but illegal and ignorant. Parents want their children to stay as innocent as long as they possibly can. That I why minors need to learn there will be consequences if they disobey the law because of their restlessness and adults must be more cautious when allowing teens to drink illegally.
Children can still be growing all the way up to even eighteen years old. Because minor’s bodies are still growing and developing, consuming alcohol can interfere with the development of a child’s brain. Consuming alcohol can interfere with the development of a young person’s brain. The teen brain is not as developed as twenty-one year olds, which can lead to risks and damages before they are even allowed to drink. As a result, this early set of drinking may lead to addiction, memory loss, violence, and suicide risk is even greater and it would also be medically irresponsible to lower drinking age from twenty-one to eighteen. Select Federal Agencies discovered, “The brains and bodies of teens are...

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