Eighteen Years Of Political Gridlock Essay

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The American government has struggled with the issue of taxes and the budget for over a hundred years. Class conflict, adversarial political parties, and convoluted economic philosophies have resulted in a never-ending debate over taxation. The New York Times newspaper article, “Senate Panel Vote Backs Budget Plan”, from June 1993, discusses the current feelings of the time in regards to the budget and taxation. Moreover, the article mentions factors such as democrat-republican debate, trickle down economics, and high verse low taxes for the middle class. The issues discussed in this 1993 article differ only slightly from the taxation conversation of today. However, now in 2011, we face a budget crisis that threatens the American economy and lifestyle. Consequently, the United States needs a solution to the current bureaucratic backup, which impedes long lasting forward progress.
The June 1993 New York Times article, discusses the debate between Republicans and Democrats over the issue of the budget. The Democrats, remaining true to their ideology, argued for tax increases on the rich, while the poor received tax cuts. They also proposed a variety of spending cuts, which would reduce the budget deficit by $508 billion in five years. The Republicans in 1993 were the minority in Congress, and thus were unable of enacting many of their of their ideas. Consequently, they opposed the Democrats ideas on taxation and spending cuts. The Republicans desired lower taxes on the wealthy, and stated that the spending cuts were not based on factual calculations. The debate between the two parties occurred due to their contrasting economic, political, and moral philosophies. The Republicans support lower taxes on the rich because of a theory known as “trickle down” economics. Trickle down economics means that by taxing the rich less, they will reinvest the money (saved from the lower tax) in their companies, or buy more luxury goods. Both consumption and reinvestment in industry supports job growth, and thus theoretically benefits all classes of people. Democrats tend not to support this theory, and would rather tax the rich, and then used the money to help the poor through social programs like food stamps. Politically, both parties attempt to gain as much support as possible. However, do the differing beliefs of the two parties, they tend to attract separate and often opposing groups of people. Consequently, the Democrats who tend to attract the poor and liberal masses will often shape their policies so that they receive votes of those demographics. Similarly, the Republicans tend to form their policies around the conservative and richer populations so as to keep their support. The two parties tend differ morally as well. The Republicans support a policy of independence and limited government involvement, while the Democrats often maintain a support of social safety nets. These three factors make compromise on the part of the two parties very difficult,...

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