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Einstein The GeniusDid you know that Albert Einstein is named Time Magazine's Man Of The Century? Einstein did many great things in his lifetime and had many important achievements that no other scientist has been able to equal. What I wanted to understand was Einstein's work with Nuclear Physics and in Astronomy.Einstein was born in the town of Ulm, Germany, Albert Einstein spent his early youth in Munich. While attending Zurich Polytechnic Institute he became a Swiss citizen. He graduated in 1890 and took a job at the Berne patent office. Einstein carried out experiments on his own time and in 1905, he published three scientific papers, including one that would make his name a household word - The Special History of Relativity. Einstein demonstrated that motion is relative and that physical laws must be the same for all observers moving relative to each other, as well as his famous equation E=mc2 showing that mass and energy are equivalent. He received the Nobel Prize for physics in 1921 for his explanation of the photoelectic effect. Albert Einstein helped make the first nuclear bomb. The theory that allowed people to design the first nuclear bomb was E=mc2. Also that same theory was confirmed by using machines that could break apart the nuclear cores of atoms. The Russell-Einstein Manifesto warned of the peril of nuclear weapons and the dangers of continuing an arms race and called upon scientists to discuss a resolution. That's Einstein's contributions to the nuclear bomb. "Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding," said Albert Einstein in the Russell-Einstein Manifesto. Einstein helped Astronomy because of his theory of relativity; the theory that states that the speed of light to remain constant as seen by all observers. These results have truly bizarre implications. Imagine trying to measure the speed of a truck on a highway while driving in the lane next to it. The truck is driving a little faster than you are, so you see it creeping by - first it catches up with your rear wheel, then with your rear door. Suddenly, you decide to slam on the brakes. Instead of zooming by you, though, the truck continues to creep up - now it's in line with your front door. You hit the accelerator, and the truck doesn't fall behind - it continues to creep up past your front tire. Finally, you stop your car entirely and get out...

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574 words - 2 pages Albert EinsteinAlbert Einstein was born in southern Germany, in the city of Ulm, in 1987. About a year after that, he moved to Munich where his father ran a chemical factory.Albert Einstein did not appear to be a genius at first. Unlike many people, Einstein's father introduced algebra to him. Einstein was so interested in it that when he was fourteen he started his own series of books on natural science. When Einstein got older he became so

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2006 words - 8 pages , and act as role models for millions of people across the globe. Significant people come arise from every corner of the world, and they can differ greatly from one another by their lives, attitudes, and accomplishments. One prominent and influential figure of the early twentieth century was Albert Einstein, a physicist, mathematician, and genius. Albert Einstein was truly an influential man who impacted the world in a number of ways and

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489 words - 2 pages Albert Einstein      Albert Einstein was an important person who changed the world of science. People referred to him as a genius, and as one of the smartest people in the world. Einstein devoted himself to solving the mysteries of the world, and he changed the way science is looked at today.      Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879, in Ulm, Germany. Albert's speech was late in development; he didn't start talking until he was

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1683 words - 7 pages adult was 160, which is considered genius but is rather low among great minds. His IQ did not make him a genius though but rather his unique way of thinking. He was able to increase his thinking level and be considered to have an IQ of over 200. In his time Einstein was also known to be a pacific, Zionist and socialist.Early YearsAlbert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879 in Ulm, Germany. The year after his berth Einstein's father moved them to

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1746 words - 7 pages , into a middle-class Jewish family that owned a small electrical equipment manufacturing shop. Einstein showed early signed of genius even though he did not talk until the age of three. Six weeks after he was born, his family moved to Munich; there he began school a few years later at the Luitpold Gymnasium. As a child, Einstein was a little out of the ordinary, not quite interested in the typical activities that other children enjoyed, Albert

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1137 words - 5 pages community for thinking outside the box. Leading many to believe he truly was an immaculate genius. Albert Einstein is now known as a German physicist, who had a brain that was truly different making him one of the biggest and well known genius’ of our time. When Albert Einstein died in 1955, his body was cremated and his ashes were scattered as he wished. However, before he was cremated, pathologist Thomas Harvey of Princeton hospital conducted

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606 words - 2 pages , he stuck with it even if it ment death. He did what he did because he liked to do it.Bibliography"Einstein, Albert." Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia. CD-ROM. 1998."Einstein, Albert." The World Book Encyclopedia. 1999."Invention." Groving up With Science. 1984 Ed.Life. http://www.infoplease.com/ce6/people/a0857923.html, November 30, 2001.McPherson, Stephanie Sammartion. Ordinary Genius: Thestory of Albert Einstein. New York: Carolrhoda, 1995.

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1456 words - 6 pages 20th Century Genius Award.Einstein has become a symbol of the modern science, a figure that has subverted all the patterns of the American definition of the hero. Einstein was the first intellectual superstar and he has gained his popularity via the only way Americans will accept it: an intuitive non-academical intelligence, and by applying the discoveries of his brilliant mind to pragmatic things (such as rockets and the atomic bomb).Einstein

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1008 words - 4 pages The word genius can be used to describe a person, an idea or an invention. As a person, a genius is one that stands out from a crowd and tackles the most difficult of problems in the simplest of ways. A genius is not only very clever, but instinct allows them to think outside the box. The term genius is often associated with names such as Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, JS Bach, William Blake, and Socrates. These are just a few of

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1239 words - 5 pages The face of physics was revolutionized by a man’s outrageous idea of relativity. He did what no one else had done by making an equation that was simple and true connecting energy and mass. He became known for his intelligence and his outspoken views, but the genius behind the theorem is what makes him so amazing. To better understand Albert Einstein, a person should examine his personal life, achievements, and his brain. Albert Einstein’s

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676 words - 3 pages to explain those ideas to Einstein. He was in awe of Einstein, but when he approached Einstein with the ideas he asked Hoffman to please go slow because he didn’t understand things quickly. Hoffman was impressed by this comment. Who wouldn’t if it was coming from Einstein, the genius the great scientist. Einstein wasn’t only a genius but he was also a religious man. Who would have thought; but he was. He once said that ideas came from God

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2517 words - 10 pages In the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia, there is one unordinary thing. A brain was kept for several years for studies and further research. scientist is finding how the person whom the brain belonged is a genius comparing to other who with his intelligence made the scientific world upside down and laid foundation to most of the important findings today. This is none other than Albert Einstein who was considered the most influential scientist in

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1850 words - 8 pages recognition. This acknowledgement was both of admiration and hatred. He was named “Person of the Century” in Time Magazine in 1999. In addition, Einsteins “foes” accused him of plagiarism. Nonetheless, due to Albert Einstein's research methods and his insight on mathematics and physics, he is a noticeable genius because of his work with the equation of special relativity and his impact on the world. As a child, Einstein lived with both of his

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968 words - 4 pages difficult time believing he had trouble passing many courses in school. This, in fact, was true in regards to particular subjects. Granted, he was a mathematical genius, which made it easy for him to excel in those subjects. Humanities, and the arts was another story; Einstein did not fare so well with these subjects. In fact, a prestigious engineering school (ETH) he was attempting to enter made it a point that prospective students be well

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1225 words - 5 pages Einstein was not always an extremely successful man and he had difficulties that would have prevented anyone else from succeeding, but eventually, several of his theories led to scientific advancements. One theory earned him a Nobel Prize, in physics one a PhD and another helped in the development of nuclear fission. If a person were only to take a quick glance at his life without a deeper investigation, they would find it difficult to discover