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El Bronx Essay

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The six stories chosen for the Comparative paper are "Princess", "The Wrong Lunch Line", "Love with Aleluya", "To Tell The Truth", "A Lesson in Fortune Telling", and "Mrs. Mendelsohn". All of these six stories are found in the Anthology El Bronx Remembered."Wrong Lunch Line" is a story about two girls that go to school together. The two girls want to eat together but they can't because one of the girls is Jewish.The characters in the story are: Yvette, Mildred the Jewish girl, and Mrs. Ralston.There is one kind of conflict in the story, and it is a mental conflict between Yvette, Mildred, and Mrs. Ralston about breaking the school rules.The theme of this story is that people from different religions can be friends. Another theme is that kids could get over disappointments faster than adults do.The second story "A Lesson in Fortune Telling" Is about a new girl that becomes popular, because she could read palms, and one day she takes some kids' money so that she could read their palms. Jasmine cheats them and leaves and she is never seen again.The main characters in the story are: Jasmine, Hanibal, Joey and Jasmine's mother Marie.The conflict of the story is a conflict of ideas with Jasmine and the rest of the kids because Jasmine took Joey, Hanibal, and Joey's money and she left without reading their fortune.The theme of the story is that people will take advantage of a person and one should be careful about trusting people, and one can see this because Jasmine tried to cheat her friends.The third story "Princess" is about a girl named Judy that lives near a grocery store where there is a pet name Princess. Judy will go everyday and visit her and she will take her for a walk around the park. One day there is an argument between Judy's mother and the owners of the store, Mr. & Mrs. Osvaldo because Judy's mother had bought a can of beans that were rotten to her and fine to him. So Judy's mother gave the rotten beans to Princess to see if they were really rotten, and the next day Princess died.The characters in the story are: "Princess, Judy's mother, Judy, and Mr. & Mrs. Osvaldo.The first conflict in the story is a conflict with nature when "Princess" dies because she eats spoiled beans. A second conflict is an idea conflict between Judy's mother and Mr. Osvaldo about the rotten beans.The theme of the story is that people treat their pets and love them as if they were humans.The fourth story "Love with Aleluya" is about two boys that are friends and fall in love with a girl that goes to church very often. The boys go to the church that Serafina goes to just get closer to her.The characters in the story are: Hannibal, Joey, Serafina, the three girls Ramona, Mary, and Casilda. Juan, Josefo, Ralphy, and Perry.There are two kinds of conflicts in the story. And one is a verbal conflict between Joey and Hannibal. It occurs when Joey and Hannibal should or should...

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