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El Nino And Global Warming Essay

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El Nino and Global Warming

El Nino has been known to wreak havoc al around the world, from
Australia to Africa to the United States of America, and despite its
approximate regularity, it is still not possible to predict exactly
when it will appear or how much damage will be caused. Meteorologists
discovered in the late 19th century that El Nino weather events
appeared to be occurring approximately every ten to fifteen years but
in the late 19th century this gradually changed to a strong pulse of
about three years by the early 20th century, at the same time it had
been noted that the temperature was rising above the average. This was
a gradual change until 1976 where changes were occurring, the El Nino
events increased in time to once every four years and the temperature
was still increasing. El Nino is when a reversal in the wind occurs so
it starts from west and then goes east, this causes the sea to warm up
and rise increasing the risk of both drought and flooding depending on
a person’s global location. In the past it has caused fires, damage
and death and many other chain link factors such as an increase in
malaria and a lack of food production so organisations around the
world have found it an important issue to understand how the cycle
works and if there are any solutions to the problem, one problem that
has occurred from this is the various ideas which have risen as causes
of the ‘Christ’s child’.

In Maiana in the Pacific Ocean a group of researchers found evidence
that the El Nino cycle adapts to the average regions climatic
conditions depending on where the weather pattern started. Looking at
the coral reefs Cole and various co-workers studied the chemical
pattern of the coral matter; this matter is like a detailed record of
any temperature changes from the past 155 years as the growth levels
are marked on the coral. An analysis of the coral showed that the
length of the cycle changes with the normal average climate, as the
corals growth spurts were higher when the records from previous years
matched with those of previous El Nino events.

California saw the political leader; Vice President Al Gore suggesting
that the effect of global warming may be increasing the likelihood of
an El Nino weather event. He based his theory around a scientific
prediction that the winter of 2002 was going to be the worst within
the past decade, the last extreme winter was recorded in 1982-83 when
the country was invaded by floods, heavy snow and drought. In a speech
he made he said that El Nino events were becoming more common and the
gradual increase in global warming was creating a build up of
pollutant gases in the atmosphere making it harder for the air wasn’t
able to circulate as easily so the winds were forced by the increased
air pressure to take an alternate route. This idea...

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