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El Niño Predictions For Year 2004El Niño and La Niña are the names given to the periodic warming and cooling of the surface waters of the Pacific Ocean near the equator. More attention has been given to El Niño by current scientists than to its equally dreaded counterpart, La Niña. El Niño. The term was discovered by several people who were as simple and plain as you and I. Years ago, fishermen in Ecuador and Peru noticed that during some of their winters, the ocean became warmer than usual. When the ocean became warmer, the fishermen noticed that they could not catch as many fish. The fishermen also noticed that the amount of rain increased. These fishermen gave the warmer water a name. They named it "El Niño." El Niño means "the little boy" or "Christ child" in spanish and usually occurs within regions located on the South American coast around Christmas time, at the same time when bananas come into season, thus making it appear to be a gift from the god. Now, we've always heard about these phenomenons occurring here and there, but we have never considered the thought that one of these occurrences may happen to us.During the years, our knowledge of El Niño has progressed highly and we are now able to understand the premature occurrences of El Niño. El Niño is the name given to the occasional development of warm ocean surface waters along the coast of South America. As mentioned before, El Niño normally occurs around Christmas and usually lasts for a few weeks to a few months. El Niño causes the temperature of ocean water to rise. It occurs periodically every four or five years on the South American coast from Ecuador to the coast of Peru, and continues for six months to about one year.El Niño not only releases its wrath upon coastline countries like Peru and Ecuador, but also causes irregular weather patterns worldwide. It disrupts water temperatures across an area of several thousand kilometers, changes the flow of the atmosphere, raises and lowers temperatures worldwide, brings heavy rains and droughts. During past El Niño events, the United States has not been spared losses. The typical changes in weather in the U.S. due to El Niño include droughts in the Southwest and flooding in the West and Southeast. During the 1982-1983 El Niño, the U.S. experienced one of the warmest winters followed by one of the wettest springs ever. Extreme amounts of precipitation caused huge landslides and floods in the west, and the southeast was also flooded by unusually heavy rains. The results of El Niño-related weather usually causes concern in the U.S. because damage costs rise quickly.Some typical effects of El Niño in countries other than the United States are droughts in Indonesia, Australia, Mexico, and southeast Africa. Other areas, such as western and central South America receive unusually high amounts of precipitation....

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