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The El Yunque Forest Reserve is an extravagant area also known as Luquillo National Forest. It is filled with many different organisms, some being rare, and some being things you see almost everyday! Not to mention that it is the only tropical rain forest in the United States National Forest System.

In El Yunque, there are so many animals! There are 8 species of Lizards, 50 species of birds, 11 species of bats, and 13 species of Coqui tree frogs. It’s 1,000 miles away from Florida, and also, it has 28,000 species of vegetation. The highest mountain in the entire forest, El Toro, reaches 1,065 feet above sea level! That’s almost as tall as the Sears Tower in Chicago, Illinois. El Yunque is a mesmerising forest reserve with breathtaking views, plants, and animals of all different kinds! This forest is located in Northern Puerto Rico, also known as a tourist magnet. They love the tropical forest and mountains. El Yunque has 82 different species of animals, some not found anywhere else on earth! The Puerto Rican parrot or a Coqui frog are animals that you could easily find in this forest reserve. Not only are there interesting animals, but plants too! There are 150 native ferns and 240 species in El Yunque. Plants such as the El Carrasco are fun to look at but be careful, they’re poisonous! However other plants such as a tree fern are beautiful trees that are not nearly as dangerous as the El Carrasco.
Of course, you can’t forget the abiotic factors! Basically, just telling a bit more about the landscape. First, we have the physical features. The landscape of the slope impacts plant growth, hurts natural ecosystems by erosion, and unfortunately destroys the homes of animals. Although, animals and structures adapt to the slopes. The elevation of the mountains has the same negative impact including, impact on the amount of sunlight, clouds, precipitation, and temperature. Soil contains lots of nutrients, chemicals, and organisms that would impact the ecosystem and the food chain. Also, soil is a must have for most plants otherwise, they usually won’t survive or even grow in the first place. It pretty much affects what types of plants grow, and what areas they grow in due to the aeration, water content, and nutrients. Rocks affect how the water flows,...

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