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Elaboration Of No. 7 On The I Hate New Zealand Top Ten, As Requrested By Yankee842

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New Zealand fines you for everything.There is nowhere to park your car. Everywhere is paid parking. If you have paid to park there for half an hour, one minute past that time and the parking warden is there to give you a $20-$40 fine depending on their arrogance.You get fined for paying bills one day late, an extra 10% gets added on to the total bill.You get fined for going 1km over the speed limit ... I swear to god its true. The police have a ...view middle of the document...

If that has run out even by a week you are looking at a $400 fine. We have been pulled over for no reason at all other than they thought the car looked to dirty to have a warrant ... we had just been driving through dusty roads.Then if you don't pay your parking tickets and fines on time, you get an extra $30 tacked on to the ticket. If you don't pay that you have to go to court.They have also made bus lanes, in the busiest parts of the city. Cars are not allowed to drive in them between peak hours even if there are no buses in sight. They have cameras set up and you instantly get a $150 fine. It doesn't matter that the cars are backed up for miles in one lane.You even get fines for having waste water going into the storm water drains. I mean for ****'s sake how can you prevent that? You get added fines and costs added on to your water bill for that.I am just scraping the surface here. I am only 20 and have not yet been exposed to the millions more fines that are waiting around the corner, I'm hoping to leave before I find out.This is New Zealand, the land of endless non-opportunity, suppression, oppression and aggression. The land where the government takes a hammer to squash the ants that are its people.

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