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Elaina.. Essay

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High above the mountains of Emerald Town, the sun rose glistening and inviting a new day. The birds chirped on trees, the cows grazed on the fields and the wind brushed gently through the leaves.I woke up on a bright and beautiful Monday morning. It was 7:30am and I realized I was late for school again. Waking up late was a daily hobby of mine and I get a huge lecture out of it from my mother. I slowly got up from the bed and resisted the urge to fall back onto the pillow but needing to get dressed within 30 minutes was going to take a while.I could smell the delicious honey pancakes mum made whilst I came downstairs but as usual I had no time to eat and mum always felt disappointed with my behaviour but I always assured her that it will not happen again. This used to be my daily excuse. "Elaina Madden", where do you think you're going?" asked Mum. "I'm sorry mum, I can't be late for school, got to go!"Mum was always nice to me no matter what. But at times, I felt sorry for her, seeing her lonely. Dad left us when I was 2 years old and mum raised me by herself here in Emerald Town. She was a nurse and it was enough to make a living out of it for us both.I closed the door behind me and walked down the footpath surrounded by rose gardens. As I made my way towards the school which only took 5 minutes, I could see the early spring flowers blossoming and cars roaring past me.Emerald Town was an isolated town off the shore of Anville City. This was a place of tranquillity and away from all the city traffic lights, financial problems and danger. I liked living here. Despite the fact that I'm only 14 years old, middle-class student and an A grade student at Mountain Vally High School, life for me wasn't always perfect.People have their ups and downs in life and live through the day by smiling and talking to friends. I had no friends and always felt alone. I wanted to be something more and to be known. I wanted to be popular like the rich cheerleaders but everyone avoided me.I don't really know why people ignored me. I was quiet, intelligent, tall and had green eyes and natural black hair. Even if they slightly noticed me, it was only by names. "Hey Dork"! someone shouted as I walked passed through the corridor reaching my classroom in time. I had no idea. I have been treated like this since i began high school trying to figure out if im too ugly, too fat? I didn't tell mum about my school life as this would worry her more.Geography ended early thankfully. Ms Sara practically had to make me stand and read in front of the class.I went to my locker to put my books when i saw a shadow illuminating behind me. I turned around to find Eliz Braxton, the most popular girl in school. Her mother has her own clothing...

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