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Elder Care Amongst Nations: Comparing And Contrasting Health Care Of The Elderly In The Usa, Japan, Germany, And Italy

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Elder Care amongst Nations 2
Aging is something that is universal, in a world where everything and everyone is so different. The way the human race ages varies physiologically, but many have the same problems such as graying hair, arthritis, fluid intelligence gets slower, and weight loss. However, not all cultures and countries have the same health care of the elderly. I will compare and contrast healthcare for the elderly in four countries, the United States, Japan, Germany, and Italy. There are similarities on how these countries care for their elderly but there are some vast differenced as well. To compare and contrast health care of these countries there are some categories that I will follow. The first thing I will give is a background of the countries cultures, then I will talk about Health Care Systems/ Health insurance offered in these countries, where the elderly live while getting their care, and law and acts that are in place to insure that care is provided to the elderly in these countries.
Countries Cultural Backgrounds
In the United States, our culture is youth centered. Aging is seen as a bad thing, and many do not want to show their age; others may feel if they are older, they may be treated differently than before. In the US it is like aging is taboo; many people on the west coast are youth driven, and the people on the east coast are more likely to respect their elders and take care of their older family members instead of sending them to a nursing home. There is a lot of discrimination against the elderly in the US, because many of the young people think that they are taking up jobs that they could have; this discrimination is called agism. In the US sometimes the elderly do not have a voice to what they want do on their behalf, and their family controls what happens to them without asking their opinion. However, this greatly depends on what culture the family is a part of in the US. Several sub-cultures in the US behave differently toward their elders.
Elder Care amongst Nations 3
Things in Japan have changed over the years. Traditionally in Japan two to three generations used to live in the same house together. Most of Japan follows Confucian values, however since industry has taken over the nations times where multiple generations live under the same roof are over. Many children move away from home and into the big cities for work leaving their aging parent behind; many do not return home to visit their parents, or take part in their care when it is needed. Their situation...

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