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Elder Jacob O. Meyer Essay

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Faith, “A channel of living trust,” as defined in the Bible, as a notion of celebrating the Almighty and a commitment to the religions’ house of worship (Holy Bible). Around the world, communities praise and proclaim the doctrine of their beliefs and devotion to serve humanity. According to the Pew Research Center Forum’s on Religion and Public Life on Global Religious Landscapes conducted in 2012, there are only 0.8 percent of “other religions” that are practiced around the world that are not known as major religions (The Global Religious Landscape). Discovering and acquiring knowledge of communities that practice different religions will allow individuals to become more aware of the cultures even in small town areas across the United States of America. A small religious community, known as the Assemblies of Yahweh, located in Bethel Township, in Berks County, Pennsylvania practices a unique belief established by a profound Religious leader, Pastor, Teacher, Author, Publisher, Radio and Television Broadcaster; Elder Jacob O. Meyer (Assemblies of Yahweh - Elder Jacob O. Meyer).
Elder Jacob O. Meyer, a Leader of the Assemblies of Yahweh, renewed, administered and operated a religious culture that had disappeared centuries ago, but has been revived and studied through modern-day practices of Elder Jacob O. Meyer. Otherwise known as Elder Meyer, he is particularly known in is affiliation for the establishment of promoting his beliefs and sermons through The Sacred Name Broadcast (Russell, Jesse, and Ronald Cohn). Elder Jacob O. Meyer’s motives to broadcast the religion through television, radio and publications, created an awareness across the world from a small town community. In many ways, Jacob O. Meyer, could be considered a head of his time to create a public awareness for his community. Although, Jacob O. Meyer rests in peace, his message and the faith in which he practiced continues to be broadcasted in the present day (Assemblies of Yahweh - Jacob O. Meyer).
Born in a small town in Bethel Township, Pennsylvania on November 11, 1934, to Jacob J. and Mary M. Meyer, Jacob, was the oldest of three children (Assemblies of Yahweh - Jacob O. Meyer). The Meyer family, of German decent, celebrated their faith in the Church of the Brethren, which traces back to the Meyer family for generations. Jacob had been brought up in the Church of the Brethren but became aware of the Sacred Name culture when he was a student in College (Assemblies of Yahweh - The Watchman Expositor). Jacob had furthered his education immensely to become a master in Bible studies; concentrating in biblical languages, Bible Study methodology, Bible History, and Holy Land archaeology. Jacob enrolled at the Evangelical School of Theology in Myerstown, Pennsylvania to begin his educational plan. To further his education, Jacob attended three other institutions; Dropsie University in Philadelphia, Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland and in Jerusalem, Israel, the Holy Land...

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