Elderly And Their Relationships Essay

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The condition or fact of being related; connection or association, the connection by blood or marriage; kinship or a particular type of connection existing between people related to or having dealings with each other: has a close relationship with his siblings. It can also be a romantic or sexual involvement. (dictionary.com) These are types of relationships. As we age we still are engaged in relationships. They may be different when we are older, but they are still relationships.Friendships, relationships with siblings and family and love relationships are just a few types of relationships that the elderly are involved with. As we get older friends are still a big part of our life. A friend is someone who is always there for you, someone who understands everything that you are going through, someone to have fun with. A friend is all of this and more. Our friends help us to develop our social skills, our self-esteem and self-respect. Friendships are very important throughout our life. They help us into from childhood into adulthood. A college student who has close friends will deal better with stressful situations. Research shows that our relationships play a big part on how much we enjoy life, and this is true throughout our life. When we are younger we have a lot of friends, as we age the numbers get less, but the relationships are better quality. As we age its not the quantity of friendships but the quality of our friendships. When we are older life satisfaction is primarily based on our relationships with our younger family, but is based on our friendships. Researchers believe that one reason that friends are so extremely important to us as we age is the fact that we don't want to burden our families. By having the friendships that we have we can help each other gain independence. Also, as we age we make fewer new relationships than we did in childhood and young adulthood. Older people don't need to always make new friends when their old friends die. They can still be content with the friends that they have. (Cavanaugh)Elderly men and elderly women have different types of friendships. This is true from childhood on. This is a reflection from childhood. The way we interact with our friends as children is usually how we interact with our friends as we age. Women's relationships are normally more intimate and more emotional than men's friendships. Women tend to share more in their friendships than men do. Also women tend to confide in each other, this is the basis for their friendship. When women get together it is usually to discuss personal matters. Men base their friendship on activities that they have in common, like fishing, hunting, sporting activities, and other interests they share. Men usually feel the need to compete with each other, so they really aren't confiding in each other with personal matters. When men compete it usually sets up a time when they can be socially interacting with each other, and it usually doesn't matter who wins...

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