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Elderly Care Essay

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As standard of living improve due advances in nutrition and healthcare and general living
condition worldwide, so is the population increasing as more people live longer in all age group.
As a result of these we have a large population of the elderly worldwide since most people live
longer. As these groups grow old they become helpless, some are unable to work and while some
fall sick to diseases like Alzheimer. The responsibility of taking care of them now either fall into
the hands of their immediate family, and in some cases extended family and or the government
depending on the culture. However, to make for a result oriented care the government and family
needs to work together ...view middle of the document...

Since 95 % of Kuwait are Muslims, their way of
taking care of elderly is according to how it was stated in the Koran. According the
website, it stated that “A man came to the Prophet and said, ‘O Messenger of God! Who among
the people is the most worthy of my good companionship? The Prophet said: Your mother. The
man said, ‘Then who?’ The Prophet said: Then your mother. The man further asked, ‘Then
who?’ The Prophet said: Then your mother. The man asked again, ‘Then who?’ The Prophet
said: Then your father” [Hadith from Bukhari and Muslim].
These go to show the high important place on the elderly and the responsibility taking
care of the elderly been place on the children. The children are responsible for providing all the
basic needs of their aged parents and should not ignore them once they are independent.
There is the believe that if a man take care of their elderly then God would provide someone to
take care of him.. Due to their strong believe system in the teaching of Islam most hold these
dearly and follow through the Islamic teaching. Failure to do these means going against the rule
of God which have consequences
British colonialism and globalization later brought government intervention to the system
of taking care of the elderly. In 2006 a proposal was made by the Executive Board of Kuwait to
integrate the elderly health care to the primary health care system and provision of training for
those that would take care of the elderly. Health education of the elderly was also introduced
through civil organization. Professional was introduce into the health using the different concept
which are the general concepts using the client, family ,group and surrounding environment to
take care of the elderly and treat social problem facing the elderly. It involves using the
individual needs to address their unique situation so they would not feel depress and rejected.
They also get visit by the family and taking cognizance of the environment and social activities
the individual is used to.
The Hindu religion regards it as immoral to neglect your elders. However, due to
economic situation most people are ignoring the responsibility. As in every society religion plays
an important part in people’s life and in most society religion teaching has been imbibe as their
way of life. According to Gupta as stated in his research, The Allahabad people in Indian are
mostly laborers from the unorganized sector who do not receive social security. The population
is a little over 1 million and they are predominantly Hindu. Accordingly, “Because of the
growing elderly population and lack of assistance from the government programs, the care of the
elderly falls primarily on the family” (Gupta, 2009). Their involving the family in taking care of
their elderly has been a better way to cure depression in elderly. Gupta stated that the earlier
methods of fragmentation, or isolating an individual and treating the family...

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