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Elderly Health Care: The Line Between Care And Killing

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The article Elderly health care: The line between care and killing, from the Hearld-Review, illustrates the many problems the courts have with elder abuse cases. The case involved the death of 91 year-old Maria “Concha” Lopez of Madera, California who was being cared for by her 26 year-old grandniece, Stephanie Hernandez. Ms. Hernandez called 911 when her aunt stopped breathing. Arriving firefighters and paramedics were inundated with the odor of urine, feces, and rotting flesh emanating from piles of soiled diapers, used bandages and the patient. Ms. Lopez weighed about 35 pounds and had bedsores so deep that you could touch her bones and the metal rod in her hip. Ms. Hernandez was charged with murder for failure to give adequate care to her aunt. The trial took five weeks with the defense attorneys showing Ms. Hernandez as a loving niece whose efforts kept an old woman alive and the prosecutor describing Ms. Lopez’s condition as the result of severe criminal negligence. After watching her three sisters die in hospitals, Ms. Lopez had made her family promise that she would not be taken to a hospital. The family expected Ms. Hernandez, who also had a small child, to take care of Ms. Lopez after she broke her hip. During the trial, the experts disagreed on whether the bed sores were caused by neglect or because her skin failed when she lost over half her body weight. The jury deliberated for two days and even sent a note to the judge asking if involuntary manslaughter was murder. The jury found Ms. Hernandez not guilty of murder, involuntary manslaughter, and felony elder abuse and deadlocked on misdemeanor elder abuse. The jurors said that there was not sufficient evidence that Ms. Hernandez intended to harm her great-aunt.
According to this article, the jury had difficulty determining that the victim was abused. The two categories of physical abuse against the elderly are domestic and institutional. In institutional abuse, the victim resides in a retirement center, nursing home, or hospital, and the abuser is an employee of the institution. In domestic abuse, the victim resides at home or with a relative, and the abuser is their primary caregiver who is often a relative. (Schmalleger, pg. 55) When the primary caregiver is a family member, they often control the victim’s access to anything outside the home. This makes it difficult to get enough evidence to prosecute the alleged perpetrator and then the elderly risks being abused again. In these types of situations, other family members may not question bruises or other signs of abuse that they might question if the victim was institutionalized. They also might be extremely thankful that another family member has taken on the vast responsibility of caring for the elderly person.
Another type of elder abuse is perpetrated by con artists who specifically target older persons. They use schemes like telemarketing to confuse the elderly and obtain their banking and personal...

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