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Eleanor Roosevelt1884-1962Eleanor Roosevelt was one of the greatest humanitarians and visionaries of our time. She had many life experiences and relationships that influenced her, creating a life of profound self-fulfillment, bold political action and a love of humanity. In a farewell speech made to the New York City Women's Trade Union League before entering the White House as first lady in 1933, her comments foreshadows her lifetime endeavors as a woman committed to humanity; " I truly believe that I understand what faces the great masses of people in the country today. I have no illusions that anyone can change the world in a short time. Things cannot be completely changed in five minutes. Yet I do believe that even a few people, who want to understand, to help and to do the right thing for the great numbers of people instead of the few can help." (Lash, 1984, PG 58)Eleanor Roosevelt was born in New York City on October 11, 1884. She was the daughter of Anna Hall and Elliott Roosevelt and the niece of the famous Teddy Roosevelt. They were a very wealthy, high society family. Although they had much wealth, Eleanor never lived a protected life. Between her father and her young uncles and aunts she would see active alcoholism, adultery, child molestation, rape and abandonment. Growing up with scandal had her pursue early on, a life of self-fulfillment and meaningful work rather than a futile life of keeping a high society profile. Eleanor's mother, who was known for her beauty, thought Eleanor as ugly and a disappointment and let Eleanor know this. When her mother died in 1892, all the children went to live with Grandmother Hall; her father, who she loved dearly, died only two years later. The pain she suffered as a result of the early deaths of her parents would help shape her character filled with compassion for others and inspire her to accomplish the many humanitarian acts she did. (Cook, 1992, PG 15)Another major influence in Eleanor's life came at the age of 15 when she attended Allenswood, a famous finishing school in England, founded by Marie Sovestre, daughter of the French philosopher and novelist Emile Souvestre. The school was dedicated to teaching young women responsibility in society and personal independence, within or without marriage. The school thrived in a time when independent and creative education for women was thought to be dangerous to society. (Cook, 1992, PGS 102-105) Another interesting footnote about Marie Sovestre is that it was known in French society that her one great tragedy was when a love relationship ended with a co-mistress of the school at Fontainebleau that had preceded Allenswood. Eleanor never spoke or wrote of Mlle Souvestre's sexuality and it is never clear whether she ever new about her lesbianism. (Lash, 1984, PGS 14-15) Eleanor blossomed in the warm, friendly environment of Allenswood; it was as if she had started life over. She left behind the people who pitied her because she was an orphan or who...

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Eleanor Roosevelt Essay

4509 words - 18 pages Eleanor Roosevelt Eleanor Roosevelt’s work has made a significant impact on the interpersonal domain. Her work touched the lives of millions of Americans and influenced many aspects of American politics. She was a master of her domain, interacting with millions and breaking down many barriers. Her work can be considered creative because it was so unconventional. She took on roles that were considered untraditional for women, and

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1395 words - 6 pages A wise woman once wrote, “With the new day come new strengths and new thoughts.” These are some of the wise words from Eleanor Roosevelt. Eleanor lived a rough live, but she believed that things could become better at any moment. She was a kind, helpful, good woman that had a good life through it all. Eleanor Roosevelt was a hero to American History. Inspiring people to follow their dreams, work to be the best of their ability, and also to

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760 words - 4 pages Eleanor Roosevelt had a hard childhood that prepared her for the life ahead of her. Having to go through the hardships of death, new places and family, she knew what it was like to experience difficulty, but that didn't stop her from becoming a powerful woman and a great role model. Serving as a First Lady, she knew she would face difficulty, but managed to come away with words of wisdom. In this biography, I am going to tell you about Eleanor

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2195 words - 9 pages The True First Lady The year is 1884, and young Eleanor Roosevelt is being brought up in world that is very different than it is today. Women did not have the rights to vote, African Americans were not allowed to positions in the government, and the Panic of 1884 was strongly affecting New York. As Eleanor got older, many of these things did not change. Although the Panic of 1884 ended, Women and African Americans were still being treated as

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984 words - 4 pages Nothing can shape your life more than the drive and desire to become successful. Everyone's life has its obstacles, but if you can disregard all the unpleasant things that have happened and give it everything that you've got, you can overcome these obstacles. Thomas Jefferson and Eleanor Roosevelt are probably two of the most recognizable people in America's history. They were two legendary people who have helped pave the way for future

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1484 words - 6 pages Eleanor Roosevelt was a First Lady during the time of the Great Depression. She made huge differences in the lives of women, youth and minorities. Eleanor Roosevelt was born on October 11, 1884 in New York, New York. While her parent were alive she lived in Italy with them. He father was Elliot Roosevelt, he was a junior partner at a real estate firm. He had alcohol and narcotic issues. Her mother was Anna Rebecca Hall, she was a popular

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2075 words - 9 pages write about Eleanor Roosevelt, a person that not a lot of people now as a human rights activist. The reason behind this decision is that Eleanor was a strong, independent woman, fighting for the rights of others in the time when even women themselves had to fight for a better position in society. After Franklin won a seat in New York Senate, family moved to Albany. 2 years later, in 1913, Franklin was appointed assistant secretary of the navy and

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1249 words - 5 pages Eleanor Roosevelt had unique qualities that allowed her to be an effective leader. Her actions and writing affected twentieth century American politics, society and economy. Eleanor is know as one of the most influential women of the twentieth century. Her legacy is one that reflects ambitions and ideals worthy of all people.Eleanor Roosevelt typified the realization of the dreams of the female crusaders of the 20th Century , who threw off the

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1777 words - 8 pages Eleanor Roosevelt was born on the 11th of October 1884 and went on to be one of the most symbolic characters in the history of the United States. She was the eyes and ears of her husband Franklin D. Roosevelt and not only participated in but revolutionized her role as the First lady of America. It is important to understand that the momentous achievements Eleanor Roosevelt accomplished in her lifetime were based on the personal experiences and

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962 words - 4 pages When Franklin Delano Roosevelt was inaugurated into office as the thirty-second president of the United States of America on March 4, 1933, the country's economy was in shambles. It was FDR's job to fix that. While he pledged to help the country get back on its feet economically, another person made an inner-pledge to better the country socially. That person's name was Eleanor Roosevelt, Franklin's wife. She vowed to promote civil rights and

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964 words - 4 pages the school Groton School in Massachusetts. He attended at Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts. He received a B.A. in History. He worked towards for a degree of law in History Columbia Law School, but he didn’t earn it because of dropped out. Marriage and children did happen in his lifetime. He married Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, a fifth cousin that was once removed. Roosevelt had five children, three boys and two girls. The name of his

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Eleanor Roosevelt Essay

797 words - 4 pages Eleanor Roosevelt Eleanor Roosevelt was known for many things and got tasks done on time. She was an outstanding woman and helped a lot with women’s rights. She always loved helping people and doing what’s best for them. She was a role model for many women and helped people with disadvantages. She was an important person for everyone with her personal life, her job, and had many accomplishments. Her personal life was full of interesting and

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1605 words - 6 pages Missing Works Cited Although Eleanor Roosevelt served as first lady from 1932 to 1945, her influence lasted much longer than expected. Eleanor became her husband’s ears and eyes during her husband’s presidency and aided human rights during her entire life. She did what no other First Lady, or woman had dared to do before; she challenged society’s wrong doings. Many respected her; President Truman had called her “the First Lady of the World

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1055 words - 4 pages HEADING Topic: Eleanor Roosevelt Specific Purpose: For her husband, in which he became partially paralyzed and despondent about his political future, so she wanted to get her message out as well as keeping his faith alive. Thesis: Eleanor Roosevelt exhibited leadership in her lifetime by becoming highly active in politics and humanitarian. INTRODUCTION Eleanor Roosevelt was born in 1884 to Elliot and Anna. Both parents died when she was 10. So

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1398 words - 6 pages Eleanor Roosevelt had an instrumental role in political developments in the United States during her life. Her work with the United Nations and Human Rights proved to lead to the beginnings of a different world.Though her childhood was difficult, it prepared her for her future love of political work. Eleanor went to live with her grandmother when she was ten after her father and mother passed away. Her grandmother sent her to a boarding school