Electoral College What Is It, Different Types, Process, Examples (2000 Election)

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The United States of America, a country that is a federal constitutional republic. A country where the head of state and other officials are elected as representatives of the people. These officials are elected in by the delegates whom they are elected by the people and this is Electoral College. Although Electoral College may be controversial, In the end it is the best system for the election process.Electoral College is the election of the president and vice president by electors. These electors are chosen by that elector's state. Each state differs in the way electors are chosen and each state has different amounts of electoral votes. Each state legislature is free to determine how it selects its electors. These electors are expected to cast their electoral votes for the party's candidates for president and vice president. Now This may sound unfair to all the voters who want to vote for the candidates, but instead they leave it up to the delegates that were elected. In the entire history, the term "faithless elector", who is an elector that doesn't not vote for his or her state's popular voter winner has rarely happened. The electors then go to their state capital and cast their ballots. The ballots are sent to Congress and it is formally counted and declares who the winner is for president and vice president.Now that was the basic idea of Electoral College, the whole process of electing delegates involves many different methods. Well first Presidential candidates will start campaigning, to get their name out to the people. Next comes the presidential primaries and caucuses. The primary elections are run by state and local governments, while caucuses are private events run by the political parties. A state primary election usually is an indirect election: instead of voters directly selecting a particular person running for president, it determines how many delegates to each party's national convention each candidate will receive from that state. Many states, only voters registered with a party may vote in that party's primary, known as a closed primary. In a closed primary, voters on Election Day must choose one political party's ballot. Only Democratic candidates are found on the Democratic ballot. Republican candidates are found on the Republican ballot. Voters must choose only one ballot. In some states, a semi-closed primary is practiced, in which voters unaffiliated with a party may choose a party primary in which to vote. In an open primary, any voter may vote in any party's primary. In all of these systems, a voter may participate in only one primary; that is, a voter who casts a vote for a candidate standing for the Republican nomination for president cannot cast a vote for a candidate standing for the Democratic nomination, or vice versa. A few states once staged a blanket primary, in which voters could vote for one candidate in multiple primaries, but the practice was struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court in the 2000 case of...

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