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Electric Car Essay

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Electric Cars
The technology of electric cars has been around since the beginning of the nineteenth century but soon disappeared as the gasoline-powered engine took the limelight. It took until the seventies with oil prices at new heights that electric cars even became considered as an alternative. The main reasons the public identifies electric cars to be unattainable is because of their high cost and limited capabilities. In the early developing stages electric cars were extremely costly, basic, and so limited from a technical standpoint that many people thought buying a golf cart would be more practicable. Unfortunately, these prejudgments made many people blind to the vast improvement electric cars have made over the years. Their improvements have much to do with that major auto manufactures such as General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, and Tesla Motors producing high-performance electric vehicles. With major manufacturing companies continuing improvements on electric car engineering, the future of commuting automobiles has become electric.
The world is changing with an environmental crisis ahead changes must be made. As most Americans wish for a future generation our choice in vehicles will be reevaluated. With the growing air pollution throughout the United States, potential pollutant health risks have reached dangerous heights, especially for children’s health. With a study done by The American Academy of Pediatrics, revealed eleven million U.S. children live in areas that exceed one or more federal air quality standards, with that number still growing (The). Air pollution is a real thing; staying at this same pace the future effects air pollution will have on the world will be catastrophic. The change to electric cars will not be easy and may be a slow process for the world to adapt, but the positive results are immeasurable. With gas vehicles at the top of the market the demand for imported goods is at a premium, needing vast amounts of oil along with petroleum, the negative effects can be seen far past air pollution alone.
The US reliance on imported goods has put America into trouble; with petroleum imported by the masses, the reliance has put the US at mercy to spikes in pricing. But as Electric cars are continually incorporated it will create more domestic opportunities in the manufacturing and produce of the electric for electric vehicles. Plug-in hybrid vehicles and all-electric vehicles are both capable of using off-board sources of electricity, and almost all U.S. electricity is produced from domestic coal, nuclear energy, natural gas, and renewable resources (Benefits). The economical benefits electric cars create will change the way Americans look at cars, the opportunity for local job creation along with many other things will give Americans a sense of pride, writing a new chapter in the history books of US vehicles.
The transition to electric cars give the United Sates a chance to say our vehicles are American made. With next...

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