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Electric Cars And It Social Impact Of Technology

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Electric cars began around the mid 19th century. Because of the high costs and low top speed and short range compared to a internal combustion vehicle it led to a worldwide decline in their use. Until the 1990s gas vehicles ruled the road, but then came the Honda EV Plus. Honda released this vehicle because of the California air resources board and its clean air push. Then after a lot of struggle between the car manufactures and the government and consumers came the Honda insight hybrid in 1999. The Toyota pruis soon after came along and the market for these cars soon jumped as people started to see the change coming. In the 2000s more modern looking and highway capable electric cars ...view middle of the document...

The other thing is if electric cars are charged at night when they are not used then aren’t the power plants just creating more pollution. Well yes and no because the pollution is no longer in the city but farther away and thus making the environment in the city better for the people.

When an electric car battery dies it is almost 100 percent recyclable; however people are still trying to figure out other useful purposes after their charge-recharge lives are over. Some people are thinking the old batteries can be used to store power for the community power grids. Though battery technology has come along way there is still a lot of research being done and now a new lightweight battery that has black liquid and is refillable are being tested. As these new batteries progress and become a reality the cost to own will finally make up for the higher prices of the car to begin with.

The impact of electric cars on the environment appears to be none until you think about the energy that the power plants are making to power these cars. It also comes from the fuel needed to run the power plants. So just because the car doesn’t pollute doesn’t mean we are saving the earth. Basically no matter how you look at it there is some form or pollutant being set off in one way or another? These cars also affect our relationships with other countries because over time if we use less and less oil the countries that we have been purchasing the oil from will start hurting for money. These other countries which are basically third world and get all there income from this oil exchange might have to rethink how they will make money in the future.

Educating people on electric cars and how over time it will reduce our carbon foot print is the hard part. Maybe people will see the global warming that’s happening and realize its time to do something different like switch from that gas guzzler to the electric or maybe even hydrogen cars if they can ever get that mass produced. I guess one day when gas prices reach to numbers where the average American can not afford to drive to work is when people will finally start to think its time to press forward and demand from the government and automakers a product that will work great and not use some type of fuel.

The morals of driving an electric car are funny. Most people choose their care for...

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