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Electric Cars, Are They Worth It?

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To solve an enormous issue like the Worldwide Environmental Crisis, by definition the problem affects not just our country but the world. The world needs to concentrate on the “big picture” to get the job done. The Energy Policy Act of 2005 was implemented into law to help with the energy crisis in our country by offering tax incentives and subsidies to produce energy efficient products (Waskey, 2013). There is a divided believe that the using electric vehicles will not have any positive affect with the environmental crisis. With the amount of pollution that is exerted during the manufacturing process, it brings up the question of whether or not the government should continue to offer such ...view middle of the document...

20). With the “Green” movement starting to take flight, there are more and more people beginning to do their part.
Also, these tax credits are not just for buying an energy efficient car, however they are also for other energy efficient products like; home appliances, energy efficient windows, and other clean energy storage sources that would help improve our environment in the future. The government has implemented 8 different tax incentives; meant for not only businesses but the individual consumer as well (Chiasson, Bourgeois, Breaux, & Mauldin, 2010, pg. 20). Though environmental climate change is a global problem our country could do its part to decrease the amount of “greenhouse gasses” that is dispersed into the air. Some people ask themselves, why not allow for the use of tax credits and incentives to achieve what matters most? It can be determined by our economy; with the cost of living rising every year, some are concerned that it may be difficult for those who live in low income neighborhoods to assimilate into the “green” movement.
The pollution that is admitted into the air could be greatly reduced if most of the gas combustion engines were eventually eliminated, recycled and replaced the less polluting alternative vehicles. Today about one-third of the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions come from transportation. According to European Planning Studies in an article called, “Improving Sustainability in Urban Areas,” electric vehicles consume much less fossil fuels and emit much less CO2 (De Bont, Maat, & Van Wee, 2012, pg. 108). The article suggests that if the country comes together and everyone does their part to help, a third of our problem could be reduced and eventually be eliminated altogether.
One beneficial reason to buy an energy efficient vehicle is the added benefit of not having a transmission or combustion engine. Therefore, there are no oil changes, fuel filters, emissions testing or other costly maintenance. There is also a better drive train and braking system on an electric vehicle which means a greater reliability with fewer repairs as well. Electric vehicles do not necessarily need to use gasoline to operate and that is a huge deal. People spend between quite a lot of money on gas every year. With a switch to electric cars our need for fuel will greatly decrees, therefore limit and eventually eliminate our dependence on foreign oil. When you fill your tank up with gas the money not only leave the state you live in it also leaves our country. Since electricity can be conducted from long distances, and is created domestically all the money that is spent on oil will stay in our own economy. Currently the battery of an electric vehicle is most expensive maintenance issue and the battery has a shorter lifespan that is estimated to be around 10 years, the cost of these batteries can vary and will likely be several thousand dollars to replace.
One negative issue is the Range of the Vehicle (how far the car will travel on...

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