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Electric Cars Provide A Great Way To Reduce Oil Consumption

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Jordan Nuttall

Radioactive Electric

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Electric cars provide a great way to reduce oil consumption


One of the big contributing factors to oil consumption, and therefore carbon dioxide emissions, is the constant use of cars for travel. Cars use gas derived from oil, one of the three fossil fuels that release carbon dioxide into our environment. Electric cars can be a simple solution to this problem. Since they run on only electricity, or in some cases mostly electricity (for hybrids), they release little to no greenhouse gases. If the world were to switch over from gas powered cars to electric cars the result should be a significant reduction in the amount of ...view middle of the document...

If the pedal was pushed down forty percent of the way then the controller would alternate between being on forty percent of the time and off the other sixty percent. The controller can do this very fast, some of the models sending as much as fifteen thousand pulses in a second. There are two types of controllers, an AC controller and a DC controller, which are different types of electricity. Some controllers can take DC energy and convert it to AC energy using a transistor. The motor is what runs the car. Each motor has a certain amount of wattage it can use to make the car go. Some of the motors have features like being able to recharge the batteries when braking because the motor turns to a generator mode while it is not being used. The battery is simply the power storage for the electric car. One of the more common batteries right now is a lead-acid battery.

The problem with the Ecar batteries

There are six main reasons why the current batteries are problematic for having the whole society run on electric cars. Each battery pack typically weighs around one thousand pounds or more. The batteries are very bulky, taking up large amounts of space. The batteries have a very limited storage capacity. Each battery pack can hold around twelve to fifteen kilowatt-hours of electricity. This translates to around fifty miles or so before needing to recharge. Most current batteries take a long time to charge. A range of charge time can be anywhere from three to ten hours for a full charge depending on how expensive of a battery is used. The batteries also have short life spans. Typical battery packs can last three to four years before needing to be replaced. The last main reason being the cost associated with the batteries, each battery pack can cost around two thousand dollars. Some of these problems can be fixed by upgrading to a better battery system, NiMH batteries, but these usually cost around twenty to thirty thousand dollars. This makes them quite unaffordable to the general public at the moment, though advances are being looked into so the prices can be brought down.

How it affects climate change

This technology has the possibility of greatly reducing the human impact on climate change. The U.S has approximately thirty-two percent of it's total carbon dioxide emissions coming from cars burning gasoline. So removing that percentage from...

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