Electric Cooperatives: Serving Our Members Past, Present, And Future.

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“Wake up Sarah, Wake up!” Proclaimed Hanna. “What do you want Hanna, it's eight o'clock in the morning?” asked Sarah. “Grandpa is here!” Hanna yelled. “What do you mean Grandpa is here? He isn't supposed to be here until three.” Sarah said. “He got here early obviously!” shouted Hanna. “Okay let me get up and get ready because you know how Grandpa is with all his picture taking!” Sarah stated, “I don't want to look like a mess!”
A few minutes later Sarah wearily walked down the stairs to see her Grandpa sitting on the couch looking through one of his many photo albums that he always brought with him when he visited. She would always complain when she saw those albums because she knew she would have to endure hours of story telling and normally they weren't engaging. But as she looked at this photo album she realized it was one she had never seen before, and it looked ragged.
“There's my beautiful grand daughter!” declared Grandpa. “Hey Grandpa, it has been a while since you have came to visit.” “I know Sarah, now that I'm retired I've been traveling the country to visit old friends.” “Well that's good Grandpa, after all the years that you have worked at the electric cooperative” expressed Sarah. “Grandpa what is in that old photo album?” asked Hanna. “Well Hanna...” started Grandpa. “these photos are when I first started working at the electric cooperative, back in 1935 when Roosevelt was the President.”
“I remember when he first created the Rural Electrification Administration.” Grandpa said. “What is that?” Hanna inquired. “Oh we just learned about that in history! It made money available, so people in rural areas, like us, could have electricity.” enunciated Sarah. “That is right Sarah, see this picture here is when one of the first power lines went up here in Flintwood. I figured I would take a picture since it was one of the most important things to happen to our country.” “Yeah Grandpa, without electricity we wouldn't have anything. We wouldn't have hot water, refrigerators, computers, phones, television, air conditioner, or lights.” said Sarah. “That's exactly right Sarah. When I was growing up we did not have those luxuries. We had to store our food in the cellar since it was so cold down there, for entertainment we played outside all day until it got dark and we came in and ate and went to bed, or we read by candle light. If we needed to contact somebody we had to walk to their house or write them a letter, where these days you can just call them or reach them...

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