Electrical Energy Supply By Different Energy Sources

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For electricity to be generated there is a need for a source of energy. Some of these sources will include Wind, liquid water forced to move at high velocity or steam projected at high pressure. The energy harnessed from these sources is used to run large turbine devices which in turn run attached generators that produce electricity that is the extracted and distributed. These sources produce mechanical and kinetic energy that is extracted by massive turbine devices that have blades spinning at great speeds. These blades are connected to the turbine shaft.

The turbine shaft is then connected to the alternator in the generator. The main job of the alternator is to use and absorb the kinetic or otherwise mechanical energy produced by the turbine device to create rotational motion and as a result produce electricity (OXLADE 2011). The rotation of the turbine shaft in turn causes the inner workings of the generator to rotate as well. These inner modules work collectively to cause relative movement between the magnetic and electric fields, which in turn generates electricity. The inner modules will include the stator which is the fixed and motionless module that comprises a set of electrical conductors convoluted in coils over an iron core and the armature which is the poignant module that produces a rotating magnetic field. In the space within the generator above identified as the stator, there are two polar field magnets that create a magnetic field.

These are positioned on either side of the armature. Therefore, the energy from the sources is captured and channeled through the turbine devices and causes armature to rotate at high speeds inside the electric field produced by the magnets. Due to Faraday’s Law of Induction, a law of electromagnetism, an electric current is created within the copper coil of the armature as a result of the rotation of the armature through the magnetic field. The law states that a wire conductor creating movement through a magnetic field will create an electric current (GIBILISCO 2012). The law continues to state that the strength or power of the current is directly proportional to the rate of change through the magnetic field. From these we can derive that the faster the armature rotates the more electric current created. The electricity produced can then be extracted from the generator with the method of extracting it varying by the use intended. The extraction of electricity will feature a Voltage Regulator which is in charge of the regulation of the output voltage of the generator.
The voltages generated at power stations are stepped up before transmission and distribution in order to reduce the power that may be lost in transmission and distribution especially through resistance. Given that power is a product between voltage and current, losses due to resistance are directly relative to the square of the current (GIBILISCO 2012). From this we can depict that power loss is equal to the product of resistance of...

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