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Electric Vehicles: Are They The Future

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Cars, everybody knows about them, “wheeled motor vehicles used for transporting passengers, which also carries its own engine or motor” (Wikipedia, 2014). For over a century they’ve been taking us from one place to another, making them our number one choice for transportation. But how do they work? In simple terms, these vehicles have an internal combustion engine, fueled mainly by petrol, that generates enough force overcome the inertia produced by the earth’s gravity and its own weight (simple physics). Thanks to the evolution of technology, cars today have become very efficient and practical vehicles. But as we all know, cars run on petrol, and not only is it bad for the environment, but ...view middle of the document...

Take the Jeep Willy’s for example: “by the end of 1945, 647,925 vehicles were produced” (, 2014). As time passed, automakers kept making more and more vehicles uncontrollably to the point of creating car classes (compact, mid-size, luxury, muscle, pick-up, supercar, etc.) and more people kept buying them to their taste. But soon after this, problems started surging like the 1973 oil crisis, environmental pollution (smog), safety and price. This forced automakers to reinvent their cars by making them more efficient, creating technology for less emissions, safer car structure (car architecture, airbags, etc.) and at a more affordable cost, at the same time. Today car makers have achieved to create more economical safe cars that can make up to 45 MPG (Miles per Gallon), but there is still the issue of environmental pollution. Even if these cars make a lot of MPG, “for every gallon of burned petrol, around 19.64 lbs of CO2 are produced” (, 2014) and “there are currently 1 billion cars in use on earth” (Canada, 2014). That’s about 19,000,000,000 lbs for every gallon of burned gas in the whole world. And to add things up, it is estimated that in 29 years all the petrol in the world will be consumed, if we keep using it as it is right now. With this in mind, car companies have been searching for alternatives to reduce both petrol usage and pollution even more. Examples of these are biodiesel, natural gas, hydrogen, air and Electric Vehicles (EV). EV’s have been mostly promoted by car companies as the best alternative to replace petrol for good. They are not to be confused with electric hybrids or plug-in hybrids since they depend on internal combustion engines, even though they share some characteristics of the EV.

Electric Vehicles or EV’s have been around for quite some time. In fact they appeared around the same time as the modern car (around 1880). EV’s are cars that do not have an internal combustion engine of any kind. Instead, they are powered by batteries that juice up an electric motor (with the size of a watermelon) to move the car and its appliances (radio, A/C, etc.). They have many advantages over the internal combustion engines. One advantage is that, these cars can be charged everywhere, from your house or from a charging station, and offer from a 100 mile range up to 300 mile range on a full charge and the cost to charging it up is very cheap. The EPA stated a comparison between 2013 EV’s and Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles (ICEV), where for every 25 miles a Tesla Model S (EV) would spend $0.97 while a Ford Taurus (ICEV) would spend $3.25 (Wikipedia, 2014). Another advantage is that the EV’s emit zero emissions to the air, so its ecofriendly. Lastly, is that these cars are very easy for maintenance. In the documentary film Who Killed the Electric Car? (2006), a comparison is shown between the parts that require replacement on ICE powered cars and an EV, with the garages stating that “they bring the...

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