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Electric Vehicle Pros and Cons: The Good, the Bad and the GreenBy Elizah LeighJanuary 10, 2011Recyclable parts and reduced emissions are great, but what are the downsides to the infiltration of electric vehicles?Getting from point A to point B is no longer as simple as hopping in a car, stepping on the gas pedal and screeching off to our chosen destination. For those who have ever enjoyed the pleasure of carefree driving, treasure those memories, because we're living in a very different world where global warming and peak oil have taken front and center.These days, considering the carbon footprint of your vehicle is fast becoming far more important than whether your ride is easy on the eyes or packs a testosterone-laden punch, but convincing the general population to get with the program has admittedly been a tough sell.For a very long time, we've been quite comfortable with slick, roomy, gas-guzzling vehicles and yet, given the choice, what consumer in their right mind wouldn't want a more efficient option, particularly if it takes the burden off of his or her wallet in the midst of a depressed economy?With electric vehicles (EVs), it just so happens that the deal gets even sweeter since Mother Nature catches a much needed break, too. But you want the cold hard facts, don't you? This must be your lucky day, because here are a few electric vehicle pros and cons to sink your teeth into:Advantages of electric vehiclesDependence on fossil fuels reducedEver wonder just how much oil the U.S. currently uses to fuel its transportation sector? Of the two-thirds that is earmarked specifically for planes, trains and other assorted vehicles, a solid 40% of the petroleum that we consume is reserved specifically for personal cars and trucks across the country. EVs, however, obtain their propulsive power from a modified internal combustion engine or a rechargeable plug-in battery.Decline in greenhouse gas productionWhile our nation's addiction to oil is well known, what most people don't realize is that the fuel used to power our conventional vehicles is responsible for generating approximately one-third of America's greenhouse gas emissions. Conversely, coal-derived electric vehicles still manage to release 25% fewer atmospheric pollutants than mainstream fossil fuel-powered vehicles.Easier on the environmentAccording to a recent study, the largest eco-burden of an electric vehicle stems from the recharging of its battery (especially when the electricity is generated from coal), but EVs still fare better on the green scale than their fossil-fueled predecessors.Cleaner than conventional vehiclesDue to their highly efficient motors and electric generators, "total CO2 emissions from a midsized plug-in EV are likely to be about half...

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