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Electric Vs. Gasoline Powered Cars St. Francis Xavior High School, Science Class Research Paper

869 words - 4 pages

Should? ?the? ?use? ?of? ?electric? ?cars? ?be? ?obligated?
? ?? ?? ?? ?Electric? ?or? ?gasoline?? ?A? ?topic? ?discussed? ?for? ?many,? ?many? ?years? ?and
we? ?still? ?have? ?no? ?exact? ?answer? ?for? ?it.? ?However,? ?after? ?doing? ?tons? ?and
tons? ?of? ?research? ?on? ?the? ?topic,? ?I? ?came? ?up? ?with? ?the? ?conclusion? ?that? ?the
electric? ?source? ?takes? ?the? ?trophy? ?home? ?this? ?time,? ?for? ?in? ?fact,? ?many
reasons,? ?such? ?as? ?the? ?improvement? ?of? ?not? ?only? ?our? ?health,? ?but? ?the
environment?s? ?health? ?and? ?the? ?fact? ?that? ?electric? ?cars? ?are? ?a? ?lot? ?cheaper? ?in
every? ?way.? ?Please,? ?follow? ?me? ?as? ?I? ?guide? ?you? ?through? ?this? ?research.
? ?? ?? ?? ?First? ?and? ?firstmost? ?I?m? ?pretty? ?sure? ?our? ?main? ?concern? ?when? ?buying
cars,? ?or? ?anything? ?really,? ?is? ?the? ?money.? ?However? ?having? ?to? ?drive? ?an
electric? ?car? ?would? ?cost? ?less? ?than? ?half? ?of? ?what? ?a? ?gasoline? ?powered? ?car
would? ?usually? ?cost.? ?According? ?to? ?the? ??U.S? ?Environmental? ?Protection
Agency?? ?study,? ?an? ?electric? ?car? ?requires? ?$3.74? ?worth? ?of? ?electricity? ?to
travel? ?100? ?miles,? ?while? ?a? ?conventional? ?gas? ?powered? ?car? ?costs? ?$13.36.
This? ?means? ?that? ?everyone? ?will? ?be? ?saving? ?some? ?money,? ?in? ?this? ?case,
$9.62? ?will? ?be? ?saved? ?out? ?of? ?100? ?miles.? ?Now? ?for? ?someone? ?who? ?drives
12,000? ?miles? ?every? ?year,? ?a? ?conventional? ?car? ?would? ?average? ?$1,603? ?in
fuel? ?costs,? ?versus? ?an? ?electric? ?car? ?driver? ?who? ?would? ?only? ?be? ?paying
$449? ?for? ?electricity,? ?that? ?is? ?if? ?the? ?driver? ?does? ?not? ?use? ?any? ?charging
stations? ?which? ?most? ?of? ?the? ?times? ?are? ?free.? ?However? ?ladies? ?and
gentleman,? ?the? ?money? ?saving? ?does? ?not? ?stop? ?there.? ?After? ?doing? ?tons? ?of
research? ?on? ?the? ?buying? ?costs? ?of? ?an? ?electric? ?versus? ?a? ?gasoline? ?powered
car,? ?I? ?noticed? ?that? ?an? ?electric? ?car? ?can? ?be? ?cheaper? ?in? ?many? ?ways.? ?For
example,? ?one? ?of? ?the? ?the? ?cheapest? ?and? ?most? ?efficient? ?electric? ?cars? ?that
could? ?be? ?bought? ?in? ?today?s? ?market? ?would? ?have? ?to? ?be? ?the? ?Mitsubishi
i-MiEV.?? ?Its? ?starting? ?price? ?is? ?$29,125,? ?combined? ?with? ?the? ?$7,500? ?federal
tax? ?credit,? ?making? ?it? ?one? ?of? ?the? ?cheapest? ?electric? ?cars? ?to? ?buy,? ?with? ?a
range? ?of? ?62? ?miles? ?if? ?fully? ?charged,? ?generating? ?66? ?horsepower? ?and? ?145
lb-ft? ?of? ?torque? ?from? ?its? ?small? ?electric? ?motor.? ?Now,? ?if? ?you? ?buy? ?a? ?gas
powered? ?car? ?for? ?the? ?same? ?starting? ?price,? ?before? ?incentive,? ?as? ?for
example? ?the? ?Subaru? ?WRX,? ?things? ?will? ?only? ?get? ?expensive,? ?due? ?to? ?the
fact? ?that? ?not? ?only? ?you? ?will? ?be? ?spending? ?on? ?gas? ?money? ?as? ?we? ?mentioned
before,? ?but? ?also? ?HST,? ?plus? ?maintenance? ?cost? ?of? ?the? ?car? ?every? ?year.
Leading? ?us? ?to? ?the?...

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