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As a graduate student, I will undertake research and coursework in Electrical Engineering to enhance my competencies in this field. I intend to complete my master's degree in order to pursue my doctorate. The research that I am most interested in pursuing at Northeastern University surrounds the optical properties of MEMS devices, and the development of substrate-based fast electro-optical interfaces. My interest in this area stems from my undergraduate study in MEMs development for tri-axial accelerometers.


Engineering has been a key interest of mine since childhood. While still in grade school I enjoyed listening to my father, an electrical engineer, teach me about advances in technology, and was always eager to hear more. I was introduced to my first computer at the age of five, and have loved interacting with them ever since. My decision to study engineering as a career was no surprise to those who knew me.


In college I found that I was always studying something I enjoyed. I believe it is because I enjoy my life and my work that I have been successful. Spending hours in the laboratory is not something that I dread, but instead I take pride in my work and its successful completion. One example of this that is still fresh in my mind is the successful design of a fully functional microprocessor in the Xilinx environment. All told, the project took over 150 hours of each design-team member's time. However, I did not look on it as a drain, but an experience for learning and a focus for my professional and technical development. When we finished the project we felt the sense of worth and pride in completion of a task that was once above our level of knowledge.


Pursuing a graduate degree in the research field I have chosen also feels like a challenge, and I know that study will frustrate me at times. However, I feel that my commitment to learning will not be swayed. I feel confident in my ability to be creative in my perspective, and to persevere. My ultimate goal is to be an innovator in the field I have chosen to study. Professionalism and creativity are my most valued strengths.


At the heart of my interest is the advancement of man in concert with his environment. My personal philosophy of life will matter greatly during my study and after its completion. That is why I...

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