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Electrical Engineering And Music Essay

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Electrical engineering is a field that majorly involves the use of technology in the designing, developing, and testing electrical devices. Majors in electrical engineering focuses on the physics of electricity and magnetism, analysis and design tools of engineering, and circuits and system mathematics. If one takes a course in engineering, they are trained on how to design and make products, which are safe and can enhance human life. This course is not popular to many for it is very demanding and involving; therefore many beginners feel that they are not prepared. As a result, many joining the course find it challenging hence a large number end up dropping (Dan, 55). In order to solve such ...view middle of the document...

It also increases the motivation and interest of students in these disciplines.
The first incorporation of music and engineering and other disciplines was introduced to make engineering enjoyable and more familiar. First, the program was generally the musical instrument design. With time, for different engineering branches there were different programs. For electronic engineering, there was the electronic musical instrument design. The course was aimed at increasing the interest of students in engineering by the use of musical instrument. This course was not restricted to the engineering students only but was open to all. The course attracted many including the Steinway musical instruments. The trend became popular and was widely applied as people learned to embrace it.
Some of the areas in electronic engineering where music concepts are applied and make learning understandable are in extrapolating electrical signals to high frequencies. These are mainly in control systems and modern communication. Electrical engineering mainly entails the detection, manipulation, and transmission of electromagnetic signals. In this case the signals, which are visible by human beings, are comprised of a small spectrum and mostly students learn the theoretical bit of the unperceived spectrum. Research has shown that music can be used to translate the unperceived spectrum to audible spectrum hence making the study of electronic engineering more experiential than theoretical. It is easier and enjoyable to learn concepts in a practical way other than theoretical manner.
Other areas in electronic engineering where the learning can be music based include the projects of designing systems, which are capable of controlling musical instruments played in an automated manner. There is also the use of MATLAB in the analysis of tunes from a guitar. Engineering students can design musical robots in their practical (Beneat, 25). For instance they can design an automated musician playing together with an orchestra and directed by a...

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