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Electricity Impacts On Human And Environment

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Ever since its discovery, electricity has played a major role in many aspects of human life in a positive and negative way. For instance, the availability of cheap electricity has positively influenced different facets of human life. However, the generation of electricity has also caused a negative impact on the environment.
The availability of cheap electricity brings many benefits for humans in many ways. In homes and offices, electricity has helped humans in working and doing activities. Computers, televisions, air conditioners, refrigerators and internet are just a few and important things that rely on electricity. Without electricity, humans cannot access the internet, work using a ...view middle of the document...

Processes of milk sterilization and the incubation and rearing of poultry also require electricity. This shows that electricity is used in agriculture.
Communication and electricity is two things that are almost inseparable. In order for a mobile phone to be used, electricity is needed to charge the battery. Without electricity, mobile phones are useless, regardless of how much it cost. This also applies for the Base Transceiver Station (BTS); it cannot transmit communication signals if electric power isn’t supplied. Most entertainments offered in this country require electricity. Entertainment centers like malls and cinemas need electricity for the customers to shop and watch movies. Hence, electricity can be used to provide entertainments for humans.
Nevertheless, the availability of electricity may bring negative impacts for the environment. As the world population grows, the demand for electricity rapidly increased. Most electricity used fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas to be generated. Subsequently, the increased in demand for electricity will results in the depleting amount of fossil fuels. The burning of fossil fuels for the generation of electricity also creates air pollution because it converts carbon into carbon dioxide. This results in the increased amount of carbon dioxide gas in the Earth’s atmosphere which contributes to global warming.
In addition, the availability of electricity to industries also causes pollution. This happens because most industries do not follow the right procedure in disposing industrial wastes. As a result, the wastes lead to air, water and land pollution. The inappropriate disposal of...

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