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Electricity In Health Care Facilities Save Millions Of Lives Everyday

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Healthcare facilities need electricity to power up all the equipment they have or else no one would survive. In the Holy Family hospital there was a blackout for about 5 seconds, when all of a sudden the lights and equipment came back on. All the doctors and nurses talking about what happened and checking up on all the patients is what amazes people. The flickering of lights right before the power goes out is the scariest thing, not knowing what could happen next. All those lives at stake because the power had failed or it was disturbed because of weather for example heavy and strong winds or because of human error cause these thought provoking ideas. The dark hallways of a place where ...view middle of the document...

The tank fuels are underground in the building just for the purpose of the generators in the basement. Building codes are required to have fuel in the hospital away from flammable objects because its a big safety hazard to have fuel in those types of location. Finally the generators need lots of fuel to keep the power of a big commercial building up and running(Rettner).
When all the power is gone in the hospital there is a plan for it. “We have a backup for the backup.” is said by Raouf Abdel, head of operations in the Americas for Equinix(Kopytoff 2). Hospitals are suppose to have plans if the backup generator fails to keep all the patients alive. A hospital New York state evacuated its patients from the building and brought them all to different hospitals. If the healthcare facility is not up and running with its main power or its back up then its time to leave that area. After the hospital is evacuated and the repairs are all made and done the hospital will be tested. After tested for any other problems the hospital will open and make changes if necessary to the hospital(Shushter). Nursing homes are considered health care facilities and are ran different from hospitals. In nursing homes if the backup generators fail then the elderly are taken to hospitals. If an elderly is stable enough to just be in there home with no assistance of equipment that needs electricity then they can stay home. Food is brought to them and if they can not make it down the stairs firefighters help them down. After all the repairs in the hospitals are made there are meetings to prepare for this next time. More generator supplies are given to hospitals to update or repair the generators. Also new plans for placement of generators or how the generators will be used next time(Generator Program Available).
The back up generators fail because of a few things in all. First off the Superstorm Sandy was a major storm that shut down many generator backups in New York. The rainwater from the storm flooded the basement which caused electrical problems in the generator itself. Even though the generators are ran on gas the electricity that is being made can not touch the water or the generator itself can not get wet unless its weather resistant. Weather resistant generators cost more than a regular generators only because they use more material on the generator to stop the water from getting through(Shuster). Also some hospitals are lazy or just can’t afford to have the generators not working. Electricians get paid usually by the hour and if the electrician cost $40 an hour and the hospital needs them for 7 hours to work on all the generators thats a lot of money gone just on the electrical system. If the generator is out of date and needs to be changed it’s a lot of money just for one generator. Many generators are needed to power a hospital just the money on that alone could drive the facility prices higher. Technical glitches could occur to the generators as...

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