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Year 10 Advanced Science Electricity Test 2013 Name: ___________________________________Max marks = 116 % = ________ out of 110 Examination Report & Suggested answers - E. Hung @2010 NovPart A : Twenty four Multiple Choice Questions @ 1½ marks - Total = 36% marksWhich of the following statements does not represent ohm's law? (potential difference = voltage)A. current / potential difference = constantB. potential difference / current = constantC. potential difference = current x resistanceD. current = resistance x potential difference (Only V=IR is the Ohm's Law) ( This seems to be a difficult questions to many students)The unit of charge is _____________.A. ampere (current)B. watt (power)C. volt (voltage)D. coulombThe potential difference (=voltage) required to pass a current 0.2 A in a wire of resistance 20 is ____.A. 100 VB. 4 V V=IR = 0.2x20 = 4VC. .01 VD. 40 VThe resistance of an electric bulb drawing 1.2 A current at 6.0 V is ___________.A. 0 .5B. 5 R=V/I = 6/1.2 = 5C. 0.2D. 2Three resistances of 100 , 35 and 30 ohm are connected in series. The overall resistance will beA. 55B. 135C. 160D. 165 Being in series, just adding all resistance = 100+35+30 = 165Two resistors 20 , 20 are connected in parallel, what is the overall equivalent resistance?A. 10B. 15C. 20D. 40The following shows a combination circuit, which is the correct description of the circuit?A. 6 , 3 and 9 are in seriesB. 9 and 6 are in parallel and the combination is in series with 3C. 3 , 6 and 9 are in parallelD. 3 , 6 are in parallel and 9 is in series ( A series circuit with a parallel part)12When a fuse is rated 8 A, it means _____________.A. it will not work if current is less than 8 A.B. it will work only if current is 8 AC. it will melt if current exceeds 8 A (A fuse is used to protect the circuit from an overloading of current; the circuit has a current over 8A, it is be broken and prevent overheating of the circuit and possibly having a fire) D. it has a resistance of 8The equivalent resistance across AB is A. 4 B. 2 C. 1 D. 0.5 (This is a rather difficult question to many students. This is actually a series circuit with 2 parallel parts. You need to find the equivalent resistance of each parallel part first)(Each parallel part has a Equivalent resistance of ½ , therefore the Total Equivalent resistance = ½ + ½ =1 }Which type of substance is easy to produce static electricity:conductorsinsulatorsC. electrolytesD. semiconductorsKilowatt - hour is the unit of ______________.A. potential differenceB. electric powerC. electrical energy (Unit of Household Electricity)D. chargeThe free electrons of a metal _____________, this allows metal to conduct electricity.A. do not collide with each otherB. are free to escape through the surfaceC. are free to fall into the nucleiD. are free to move anywhere in the metal ( related to Q10, making it easy to conduct electricity)Heat produced in a current carrying wire in 5s is 60 J. The same current is passed...

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