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Electricity is a necessity in our lives. Many people can’t function daily without it. Everything in a home functions primarily with electricity. It takes great precision and a lot of around the clock work to insure power is available for use. The process of producing electricity is taken for granted by most people because it seems to always be readily available. No one truly appreciates the need for electricity until the power goes out. Many years ago, food was kept cool in ice boxes, houses were kept warm by using wood burning ovens, and were lit by using kerosene lamps. Thanks to the development of electricity, advances in technology have evolved. Without electricity, it would be hard to produce the voltage and amperage necessary to produce high quality radiographs. Although electricity maybe the main contributor to x-ray production, transformers and rectifiers are also of great importance. Electricity has paved the way for advances in the medical field.

The Production of Electricity

All matter is made up of atoms, which are made of even smaller subatomic particles. These subatomic particles are referred to as protons, neutrons, and electrons. Electrons orbit the nucleus which is made up of protons and neutrons. If enough energy is added to an electron, it will move out of its orbit and into the next shell. Valence electrons don’t have a shell to enter, so it will jump to another atom . Electrons flow and move around in some materials known as conductors. Protons are not capable of this because they are heavier than electrons. Conductors include, aluminum, silver, copper and gold. Copper is mainly used because of its conducting abilities and because there is a large quantity of it ( Killinger & Killinger, 2003).

Electrons are readily available in the copper wire. Power stations is where most electricity is generated. Steam produced from the heating of water at the power stations, move turbines. Generators are connected to these turbines. The force produced by passing wire through magnetic fields, causes the electrons in the copper wire to travel to the next atom. This creates a domino effect throughout the copper wire. The rapid speed in which the electrical impulse travels is the speed of light. Therefore, electricity is the movement of the electrons (Killinger & Killinger, 2003)

Once electricity is produced at the power plant it needs to be distributed . A step up transformer increases the voltage. The voltage travels through power lines until it reaches an

area where the power is needed. Once at the location, the voltage goes through a step-down transformer in order to decrease the voltage. Once voltage is decreased it is carried from the substation and into a home (Solcomhouse, n.d.).

Voltage, amperage and resistance are the three basic units in electricity. Voltage is the potential difference or energy that pushes electrons around in order to produce an electrical current flow. Voltage is measured in...

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