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Electrolysis: Chapter 1 Alternative Energy Essay

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Alternative energy can be defined as a form of energy derived from a natural source, such as the sun, wind, tides, or waves which also called as renewable energy [1]. It is becoming more important in the ever increasing energy cost faced by the world today especially into automotive industry.
There are two or three main objectives for people who create automotive devices - increasing the fuel consumption (Miles per Gallon – MPG) performance and reducing the harmful emissions are the top two priorities, while running the vehicle on water alone is the aim of a few people. The first two objectives are readily achievable, but running a vehicle on water alone is not going to happen for almost everybody.
This report will focus on electrolysis system which is using a booster (electrolyser). A booster can be defined as a simple container which holds a set of plates submerged in water which probably has an additive to make the water conduct electrical current better. A pipe from the top of the container feeds the gas into the air filter of the vehicle, via one or two simple safety devices. Adding this gas causes a major improvement in the quality of the fuel burn inside the engine and cuts harmful emission to near zero.
A car or other types of vehicles is one of the important needs to human. In Malaysia, demands on petrol are increasing every year parallel with the development of the country which is caused by rising of various types of vehicles production which is also similar as other countries around the globe. Malaysian’s government provides higher subsidies year by year to ensure its citizens pay lower price for the petrol compared to other countries. Fuel subsidies bill is highly dependent on global crude oil prices. In other words, when the global crude oil prices increase, our government has to pay higher subsidies to keep gasoline and other petroleum products at the constant affordable price. In consequences, the government will face higher deficit due to the increasing petrol cost. .
A device of this type is called a “booster” as it boosts the fuel burn, extracting a greater percentage of the fuel's available energy. An important side effect of this improvement in the burn quality of the fuel is the fact that unburnt fuel no longer gets pushed out of the exhaust as harmful emissions.
Another effect is that the engine has greater pulling power and runs smoother. Inside the engine, carbon deposits will have built up from previous un-boosted running and these deposits get burnt away when you use a booster and that internal cleaning extends the engine life.
Burning hydroxy gas produces water and this water causing rusting inside the engine if the water did not move out from the engine when the engine is not running. Compared to the ordinary fuel used in the engine is a “hydrocarbon” which is a compound of hydrogen and carbon and that fuel actually splits up to form hydrogen which the...

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