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Electrolysis: Chapter 3 Analyzing The Electrolysis Of Water System

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Essentially, all projects need a systematic plan to ensure that the project will run on time and effectively. In this section, we will discuss about the selected approach or methodology used in analyzing the electrolysis of water system by using selected type of simple booster. The function of this flowchart is to organize the progress of this project. Gantt chart is shown in Appendix A and flowchart below shows step to be taken from stage to stage.
Figure 3.1: Flow chart of project activity

3.2.1 Gather information (starting)
Journal, documents, related codes and gathered from the internet, libraries and lecturers. These collections was very useful in analyzed the Electrolysis System. The data collection was referred to the documented research and previous experiment done by previous inventor such as Michael Faraday, Stanley A. Meyer, Nicola Tesla and Bob Boyce. From all the data collected, it will be used as a guide to complete this study.

3.2.2 Study on the Electrolysis by using Booster
After all the information was gathered, the electrolysis and many types of booster are studied. All information about this system is taken from internet and e-book. This is important to proceed to the assembly process in order to avoid mistakes of type of assembly and misplacement of the components. Overall system’s to setup a simple booster is show in Figure 3.2.

Figure 3.2

3.2.3 Purchase of Equipments Available
In order to gain the result as claimed by the inventor, the major components of the system such as container and stainless steel plate will be purchased as shown in figure 3.3. One of the reasons is to retain the performance of each component.

Figure 3.3

Component Quantity Description Comment
100 ohm resistors 0.25 watt 1 Bands: Brown, Black, Brown
220 ohm resistor 0.25 watt 1 Bands: Red, Red, Brown
820 ohm resistor 0.25 watt 1 Bands: Gray, Red, Brown
100 µF 16V capacitor 1 Electrolytic
47µF 16V capacitor 1 Electrolytic
10 µF 16V capacitor 1 Electrolytic
1 µF 16 V capacitor 1 Electrolytic
220 nF capacitor (0.22 mF) 1 Ceramic or polyester
100 nF capacitor (0.1 mF) 1 Ceramic or polyester
10 nF capacitor (0.01 mF) 3 Ceramic or polyester
1N4148 diodes 4
1N4007 diode 1 FET protection
NE555 timer chip 2
BUZ350 MOSFET 1 Or any 200V 20A n-channel MOSFET
47K variable resistors 2 Standard carbon track Could be screw track
10K variable resistors 2 Standard carbon track Could be screw track
Veroboard 1 20 strips, 40 holes, 0.1 inch matrix Parallel copper strips
8-pin DIL IC sockets 2 Black plastic, high or low profile Protects the 555 ICs
Wire terminals 4 Ideally two red and two black Power lead connectors
Aluminium sheet 1 About 4 inch x 2 inch MOSFET heatsink
Sundry connecting wire 4 m Various sizes
Water Filter 2
Air Stone 1 As Bubbler
Tube 2m 3 mm Inner Diameter
Z-Poxy Pacer 1
Car Battery 1 12 V

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