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The purpose of this lab was to determine how much electrical activity was conducted through the flexor digitorm muscles of the forearm of both the dominant and non-dominant arms using electromyography. The electrical activity increased within the muscles that are contracted with each stronger contraction. Electromyography records the electron signals that are associated with muscle activation. The electrical activity (motor unit recruitment) increases in the muscles that are being contracted. An electromyography detects the electrical potential generated by muscle cells when they contract or relax. These muscles are stimulated by signals from nerve cells (motor neurons). Once muscles are stimulated and causes the muscle to contract, the contraction produces an electrical signal. The function of a muscle is to convert chemical reactions to mechanical reactions, causing muscles to contract, or shorten. There is either afferent signal, which sends signals away from the muscle towards the brain or efferent signals, which send signals from the neuron to the muscle to cause a contraction. A motor unit is a motor neuron and all of the muscle fibers that it innervates. Although a single motor neuron can innervate several fibers, each muscle fiber is innervated by only one motor neuron. The size of a motor unit determines the speed in which it travels and how many muscle fibers are needed to perform the contraction. When you have to increase the strength that is needed in a muscle contraction, the brain sends a signal to the motor neurons. When a somatic motor neuron generates an action potential, all of the muscle fibers it innervates respond to the secreted neurotransmitter by generating their own action potential and contracting.MethodFor our group experiment, the subject placed three electrodes on the gastrocnemius muscle of her leg. She proceeded to do four calf raises. The first two were done without weight added and the second two were done with weight added to the subjects back using a back pack that weighed approximatelyResultsThe subject in the first experiment was Christina Shaver, a 36 year old female who is 5'4 inches and 160 pounds. In the first recording, four clenches of increasing forces were documented. In channel 41, the force exerted in kg was recorded; in channel 1 is the RAW EMG, which is the straight reading of the potential differences detected at the electrode and in channel 40, the integrated EMG is recorded. EMG is the running average if the RAW EMG. In this recording, the clench force of the dominant arm increased by almost four times from the first clench force which was 5.05 kg to the fourth clench which was 19.72 kg. The electrical output also increased by almost four times from .36 mv at the first clench to 1.40 mv at the fourth clench. The integrated EMG also increased four times from the first clench of .05 mv-sec to .20 mv-sec at the fourth clench. Using the second forearm which was the non-dominant arm, the first clench...

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