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The chapter we will be looking at today will be discussing electronic and image records. We will focus are time on key terms and key idea throughout of the chapter. The first part of this paper we are going to be look at electronic media; the second part will be record security and safety; and the final part will be image media. Electronic media will be addressing the key ideas; such as relationship between “electronic and image records; magnetic and optical media; removable data storage devices; data input; storage and retrieval procedures.”(342-348) The second part we will look at records safety and security. This section will discuss “record safety, protective measures, conversion and backup; protection against computer viruses; record security; policies and checks; security measures; data protection; security for faxed documents; and e-mail retention policies.”(350-360) The last set of ideas will confront image media.
Key Points:
We are going to examine the relationship between electronic records and image records. An “electronic records are a record stored on electronic storage media that can be readily accessed or changed. Image record is a digital or photographic representation of a record on any medium such as microfilm or optical disk.”(342) Then we need to look at optical and magnetic media. “Optical media is a high-density information storage medium where digitally encoded information is both written and read by means of a laser. Magnetic media are a variety of magnetically coasted materials used by computers for data storage.”(342) Magnetic media have several different types such as redundant array of independent disk (RAID), video tape, hard disk, and magnetic tape. “RAID configurations provide mass storage with the advantage of spreading data across an array of hard drives, which reduces the chance that if one drive fails, all data will be lost.”(343) When understanding different components of storage devices is knowing the difference between CD-R and CD-RW. CD-R is recordable CD and CD-RW is rewritable CD. Besides using CD-R and CD-RW for storing data there are other removable data storage devices.
“The advantages of removable devices are: removable media can be stored in locked cabinets, vaults, or other secure locations to prevent unauthorized access; removable disks can be in other computer systems with compatible drive; removable disks can be used to back up conventional hard drives and to restore electronic records if a hard drives fails; and removable hard disks can be used with an identical device if a removable hard drives fails.”(345) The most common removable portable device is a flash drive. A “flash drive is a read/write device that attaches to a computer and is usable as standard hard drives.”(345) Flash drive are used more often the other devices because they are small and transportable from one location to the next location to transport information or added to the pre-existing information at a new...

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