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Electronic Banking Conspiracy, Essay

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What is a conspiracy? I decided to look up the definition on the Merriam-Webster website and this is what I found: 1) a secret plan made by two or more people to do something that is harmful or illegal and 2) the act of secretly planning to do something that is harmful or illegal. There multiple different kind of conspiracies worldwide. Yet, the most interesting ones are here in the United States, but the one I find most interesting is in a global scale.
One of the creepiest and possibly most catastrophic if it were to ever occur would have to be the Electronic Banking Conspiracy. There are many different theories on how this conspiracy began. There is an elite group of people, or it has been in progress for centuries, or even that our own government is behind it.
The first theory is that there is an elite group of people, no one knows who they are, but they want every single person to be using electronic banking, virtual money. What is virtual money? Virtual money is what it sounds like money that does not exist, but yet at the same time it does. No hard cash like bills and coins. Some examples are credit cards and debit cards. Why do they want every single person possible to be on electronic banking? The reason is pretty simple they want to cause chaos throughout the entire world.
They will accomplish this by causing a worldwide blackout. How are they going to accomplish the blackout? No one knows, but the moment they do succeed in causing the blackout every single person will lose their date that was stored in the banks. All their money, their entire savings are going to disappear.
Now why would they want everyone’s money to disappear? They want to restart the use of slavery. How could slavery even exist in this time period, modern day? Every single person will become bankrupt there would be no more lower – class, middle – class, or upper – class. The only people who would have wealth and power would be those elite few who caused the blackout. These elite group of people will begin to use slavery for the obvious reasons why slavery even existed from day one; a free work force.
The second theory still relates to the elite group of people as in the first theory, but this theory goes more into depth about the conspiracy. Just as in the first theory the elite group of people wants to reestablish slavery in modern time by electronic banking, but they have not been doing this for only a couple of years.
They have been at this for centuries now. The first traceable attempt was during the renaissance time. What occurred was that they began to give out tickets that one could use to purchase goods. One could also trade these tickets for silver and gold coins, the currency of the time. The next official attempt would be the commencing of virtual money, credit cards and debit cards. This made all the currency one had into only a set of serial numbers.
Next liable procedure was the fusing of international banks. Numerous...

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