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Electronic Book Essay

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Technology is increasingly related to daily life; making life better and easier. It brings beneficial to human life includes in learning. Technology can act as an efficient teaching tool to make learning becomes more interesting, convenient and effective. Most of us want to know the advantages and disadvantages of e-book in contrast to the printed book, its usefulness and effects on learning. Using technology in learning can help to attract learners and enhance learning. However, it can also distract them from what they supposed to learn to play games or watching video. Use technology properly really could enhance teaching and learning. Learn by doing and interacting with educational ...view middle of the document...

Its interactivity and the involvement of multimedia features provide their users a brand new reading experience and potentially benefit learning and teaching. Unlike a print book which is linear and with limited features; e-book is structured to provide additional features such as annotation and keyword searches for faster navigation. Most participants in a research by Chen, Fan and He (2012) showed positive attitudes in using e-books and stated they prefer reading e-book comparing to print book. They also claimed they used e-books both in their study hours and in leisure time. E-book is perceived as a useful reading tool and users are satisfied with it. However, most of them will not choose e-books if given choice between an electronic and print version (Jeong, 2012). Another study by Casey in 2012 showed that there is no statistically significant difference in motivation level between e-book and print book user.


Most of the advantages of electronic books are continuing to offer benefits as the technology evolves. Two obvious advantages of e-book are Environmental Advantages and Convenience Advantages. Electronic books save trees and environment friendly. The need of printing on paper decreases of downloading an electronic book rather than buying a hard copy of a book. An electronic book saves more resources than recycling papers. The energy and resources taken for printing a conventional book, fuel for delivering book are eliminated when practice uses of e-book.

The conveniences of e-books continue to expand as the technology develops. An e-book can be received anytime immediately after purchase since it is delivered electronically to your device or computer. Besides, e-books can be carried without any trouble in transport and it is convenient to have multiple books available at any given time. This advantage is especially beneficial when traveling. Less space taken up and no weight or bulk added to carry and store e-book than a paper novel. Going to a bookstore can be replaced by wireless downloads and book browsing online. In terms of only an alternative to print books, e-books support accessibility with accessibility aids that improves readability. Most of the e-book readers have similar settings and common features such as adjust the font size, changing background color, annotate and highlighting main points. All these features are undoable and redo able, electronic copies allow user to add, delete and remove the annotations and highlights. This is supported by Jeong (2012) which stated that e-book is easy to use and read by users. Users expressed e-books are convenient and useful reading devices. Using these features is not complex; but at least some skills and knowledge is needed. Users are more familiar and competent with using printed book in learning; participants who used e-textbook seek for help during the study (Sally & Emily, 2005). Print book is easy and no help needed to use it. E-book on its own is...

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