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Electronic bulletin board systems first started in 1980. Today, however, there are many social networks in use by millions of people around the world. Instagram,Vine, and Twitter are extremely popular ways to communicate with friends and family. Technology, today, helps many people learn and study new thing, but to some it is highly addictive and corrupted. It is harmful to be addicted to technology because of the impact of technology, the unhealthy lifestyle it creates, and the negative affects it has on the brain.
Technology has a huge impact on humans lives today. “Now people prefer to interact via interact than personally” (importance of technology 2). Internet, cell phones, and ...view middle of the document...

In 2011, “23,000,000,000 minutes were spent on Facebook each day.” (Obee 9) Just think about today, in 2014, how many minutes are spent on technology. People do not realize want technology is doing to them. One day people start to think, “why have I gained weight or why are people afraid to ask each other out in person, but will over text message”.
Most people today rather text to communicate than talk face to face. Everyone can send something in a text message or post something on social media easier than saying something to someones face. Today, most humans do not have courage. The sad thing is that courage is contagious. People are losing their confidence, and confidence is the key to a lot of success in life. “ Ultimately we are becoming evermore reliant on our computers and without them we would be lost” (how technology affects, 1).
Technology affects the way people do things because technology can change the brain. Many people are thinking right now, “No, it cannot.”, but yes it really can. Technology literally can change the brain because of all the social media, bad influences, and dating sites that are available to everyone today. “... We are actually changing the physical shapes of our brains, strengthening parts of the mind that can lead to a decrease in sense of self and human identity.” (how technology affects the brain 1). The information or comments posted throughout technology in today's society can be harmful, discouraging, and addicting. Websites, today, can attract the brain and become very addictive to different lifestyles. YouTube is one of the websites that can be considered addictive. People sit and watch millions of videos of each other making a fool of themselves, singing, dancing, and just talking for an excessive...

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