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Electronic Business Systems And Electronic Medical Records Looking To The Future

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The future of data management will doubtlessly be determined by expansions in technologies that enhance electronic storage and handling. Business systems and medical records are two areas of data management that will profit from using electronic technologies for business operations. There are many advantages to shopping from home using electronic data manipulation for business systems that can offer goods and services over the Internet. The medical profession generates a lot of paperwork that can be eliminated and data can be handled more efficiently with electronic means while minimizing errors. This paper will address these two types of information technologies.
E-business technology will be one of the key factors driving progress in the 21st century - it will change the way we live, learn, work and play. Advances in computing and communications technology will create a new infrastructure for business, scientific research and social interaction. This expanding infrastructure will provide the industry with new tools for communicating throughout the world and for acquiring knowledge and insight from information. It will provide a vehicle for economic growth through innovation and new product distribution. Information technology will make the workplace more rewarding, improve the quality of health care, and make government more responsive and accessible to the needs of our citizens (Xu, and Quaddus)
E-business is changing the way American consumers do their shopping. With high fuel costs and degrading road surfaces, it makes sense to shop from home via the Internet. This change in shopping behavior changes the way we interact with others. There is less physical contact with merchants and sales personnel; everything is done online with no personal involvement. It has the effect of de-humanizing our population.
According to Laudon and Laudon, there are several types of e-business systems and each serves specific needs of the business community. Brokerage Internet business systems use a brokerage format that brings sellers and buyers together like e-Bay or Covisint. These models require either a huge amount of buyers and sellers, like with eBay, or a strong incentive to join which, in Covisint's case, comes from the capability of bigger car purchasers to ask smaller suppliers to participate in their marketplace. An Infomediary Internet business system provides information about consumers and their buying habits is important, particularly when that information is carefully analyzed and used to target marketing campaigns. Firms that independently collect data about manufacturers and their products are helpful to prospective buyers when considering a purchase. Some Internet businesses function as infomediaries (information intermediaries) helping buyers and/or sellers to understand products within a market. Merchant Internet business systems include those firms that use the Internet as wholesalers and retailers of goods and services. ...

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