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Electronic Cigarettes: No Need For Regulation

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Propylene Glycol

Similar to vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol is used by a variety of industries. Propylene glycol can be found in chemicals, food, and pharmaceuticals. The items below are an example of the diverse uses of propylene glycol:

• Antifreeze
• Food
• Medicines
• Cosmetics
• Paint
• Artificial smoke

While it may not seem safe for consumption, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has listed propylene glycol as having no cancerous effects (ATSDR, 2011). The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) conducted tests on three animals, and concluded that “there are no endpoints of concern for oral, dermal, or inhalation exposure to propylene glycol…” (EPA, 2006). Further analysis of ...view middle of the document...

Nitrogen Oxide, although used in minute amounts in our bodies, the dose delivered to the body by tobacco cigarettes is too large, and begins to destroy the lungs. Shortly after smoking, the smoker will suffer from constricted airways due to the temporary shutdown of nitrogen oxide cell production (UK Cancer Research, 2012).


Although a very rare chemical, Polonium-210 possesses an extremely deadly power. Every time a person smokes a tobacco cigarette, they expose themselves to the polonium chemical (Cancer Research UK, 2012). This chemical has been reported to give off a form radiation known as alpha-radiation, which according to Cancer Research UK, “someone smoking one and half packs a day receives the equivalent amount of radiation as someone having 300 chest X-rays a year.” (Cancer Research UK, 2012). Tobacco smokers are ingesting something that those who don’t smoke tobacco cigarettes block every day with their skin (Cancer Research, UK 2012).

Side effects of smoking tobacco

The most popular side effect people think of associated with cigarettes is cancer. However, there are other diseases people can develop as a result of smoking tobacco. The listed diseases and health ailments below are a few extra gifts smokers receive with their use of tobacco cigarettes:

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

The following statistics are from the American Cancer Society’s website:

• COPD effects 12 million people in the United States (American Cancer Society, 2013).
• COPD is the number three most popular cause of death in the United States (American Cancer Society, 2013).
• Between 8 and 9 cases of COPD are caused by smoking tobacco cigarettes (American Cancer Society, 2013).
• COPD is an incurable disease (American Cancer Society, 2013).

COPD is a miserable disease to have, as it can have serious effects that limit the amount of physical activity a person can do, no matter what age they are (American Cancer Society, 2013).

Smoking affects the unborn, too

The American Cancer Society says that if pregnant women did not smoke, as much as five percent of infant deaths could be prevented (American Cancer Society, 2013). Smoking tobacco cigarettes brings a number of tobacco cigarettes into the bloodstream. Pregnant women who take these chemicals into their bodies transfer them to their unborn babies. Because smoking cigarettes constrict blood vessels, unborn babies in some cases do not receive the proper amount of nutrients necessary to remain healthy, or even alive (American Cancer Society, 2013).

Worldwide premature death

The number of premature deaths each year caused by tobacco cigarettes is expected to jump from 6 million to 8 million deaths each year by the year 2030 (American Cancer Society, 2013).

What about second hand vapor?

A large concern among many owners of businesses and restaurants involves second hand vapor. The idea that people are simulating smoking leaves many with the thought that because they are...

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