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Electronic Commerce And Socio Economical Development Essay

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Over the last few decades information and communication technology have become a great platform for e-commerce and social-economical development. The rise of internet in the mid-1990 was the first step of the growth of e-commerce. Internet and Information technology both is the main game changer for the entire growth in E-commerce sector. The growth of e-commerce has made many people life very easy. The emerge and growth of e-commerce can be seen all over the world and basically in India. E-commerce industry has boomed and evolved over a period of time with more and more innovations that have changed the face of India. In last couple of years, the growth of e-commerce industry in India has ...view middle of the document...

Middle class level can be classified as Manager, bank clerk etc and lower level are classified as plumber labor or an unemployed person. The levels are classified by their occupation wise and according to them the grades are been classified.
In lifestyle people are classified according to their values opinions beliefs and interest. There is no standardized lifestyle segmentation model. The research firms and advertising agencies are constantly devising new categories to categories them but it is not easy to category the lifestyle of people as it changes from time to time. So lifestyle of people can never be track on the platform on the e-commerce as same depends upon the customers and the number of customers who is following the e-commerce.

On the basis of the Demographic and psychographic almost 75% of the e-commerce part has been controlled by the travel industries, as we can see the online retail segments are also growing quickly and making the stand and share of themselves. On the ground of general perception on the shoppers, Google search has reveals that online shopping is mainly dominated by men – 63% men V.S 37% women. People around to the age of 18 to 40 years are been noticed they are the largest purchaser of online items. All these people have majority of access to their own financial resources such as credit card and debit cards and also to the internet access from home as well as from office and home and now a day’s companies as come up with mobile apps, so this has been taken boom and its has been estimated that 30% of online shopping inquires has came from the mobile phones itself.

According to the study of Google, 30% of online buyers where magnetized to online shopping due to the discounts and good offers. 37% stated that the online shopping gives the convinces and peace of mind by shopping online and 29% appreciated the expanded variety of products available on Online as compared on shop and...

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